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The Arcana Vote has been something that has happened since TI4 where the community gets to give their vote and decide which hero will receive a brand-new Arcana in Dota 2. After a long voting process, we’ve now narrowed it down to four remaining heroes – who will win?

The semi-finals for the Arcana Vote are now underway with the first matchup featuring Faceless Void versus Ogre Magi. For Void, the previous quarter-final was a hotly contested matchup against Drow Ranger – but after all the votes came in, he pulled out the win with nearly 2,000,000 votes more. Ogre, on the other hand, absolutely destroyed his quarter-final opponent, Necrophos, with a margin of nearly 5,000,000 votes more. From where I’m sitting, it definitely seems that the community want to see a support receive some much-needed love – especially after the Immortal Treasure III was lacking in the support department. In just over six days we’ll know if Ogre Magi can edge out the Faceless terror and make it to the finals.

The second semi-final is between everyone’s favourite Aegis denying archer, Windranger and the haunting pest to our supports, Spectre. Spectre has had a fairly easy run through the Group D bracket, with no real competition – even taking a landslide victory over Sniper in the quarter-finals. However, Windranger’s vote has been extremely close in the last two rounds, with the quarter-finals being one of the tightest races to reach the final four. In the end, Windranger edged out Invoker by only a few hundred thousand votes, which may sound like a lot, but considering that over 16,000,000 votes were tallied for just these two heroes, you can imagine how close the race was.

With only eight days left until The International 2019 kicks off, just over six days for the semi-final voting to end and nearly $32,000,000 in the prize pool, we’re sure to have an epic event as we get ready to head to Shanghai, China.

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