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So far this year has brought us an egg which has more “likes” on Instagram than anyone could imagine, even if Danil ‘Dendi’ Ishutin were to return to a pro Dota 2 team and win The International 2019 there wouldn’t be nearly as many people clicking that little heart button on a picture and breaking that record any time soon. Other than that, all our social media feeds have been afflicted with the 10 year challenge and I’m sure it needs no explaining. So, we’ve decided to give you a Dota related 10 year challenge (which is definitely a lot more than 10 years) – where we get nostalgic and remember just how far the game we love has come (and remind me how old I actually am).

A little more than 10 years here, but DotA used to have some of the most amazing loading screens featuring a bunch of different heroes. Dota 2 has not missed out on this, adding hundreds of different loading screen options into the game – from heroes to concept art and special cosmetics, Dota 2 is a whole new game on all fronts.


Remember when this guy had a name, wielded glaives with pandas, was Illidan’s
brother and was a Demon Hunter? Well, nowadays I think he’s been Blinking past
leg day for 
few years, don’t you?

Fashionable headdresses were all the rage back in my day, but it seems as though
Lich has since accepted his baldness. Good for you, Kel’Thuzad.

A long time ago, Razor had a shield… although nobody has ever found out what it
was used for. Some say it was to hide those hideous “pants”, but that’s none of my

Do I even need to add anything about these… 2? 3? How many of them are there?!

We’ve seen tons of heroes changed between the long journey of DotA and Dota 2, we’ve even seen some completely removed from the game back in the day – and we’ve seen the coming and going of items (RIP Ring of Aquila). But things must evolve and I’m sure we will see more changes as the game continues to grow.

I’ll leave you with the memory of Legion Commander – and I think all DotA players know what that means.
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