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WePlay! Pushka League’s CIS bracket saw two series today which both confirmed the elimination of two teams from the event, although they both still had a few games to play in the group stage.

Following today, only two days of group stage action remained at the WePlay! Pushka League, which included a total of seven series between the both the European and CIS brackets. However, before we got to those, today we saw two series from the CIS bracket with B8 taking on Prodigy and HellRaisers against Team Spirit.

B8 have had the worst tournament out of any team, so far, with zero victories in both series and games – as they remained in last place going into the series. On the other hand, VP.Prodigy were causing a stir as they beat out most opponents in their path – and today was no different. As has been the case throughout the tournament so far, B8 were unable to ever find their footing in the series and with their two stand-ins, would lose 2-0.

The loss confirms what was almost entirely clear for some time, the elimination of B8 from the event. While the team have one last series to play tomorrow against FlyToMoon, their no game or series victory leaves them at 0-10 and 0-5 respectively. For VP.P, the victory pushes them into the top spot in the group for now, with a massive series against coming tomorrow.

HellRaisers and Spirit would be the two teams to close out the day, with one being near the top of the group and the other right down near the bottom. It took 40-minutes for one team to come out on top in game one – when HR managed to take a superb teamfight and take the advantage, which quickly led to a GG call. Going into game two it seemed as though HR were going to swiftly run away with the series as they controlled the early game quite well, killing off Anton ‘DyrachYO’ Shkredov’s Riki often and building a decent lead too. However, the Spirit fight back was far more than HR could defend and the game was quickly turned around and wrapped up by Spirt – forcing a decisive game three.

While Spirt put up an amazing fight throughout the series, game three quickly got away from the team as HR managed to perfectly utilise their draft to take the victory. Spirt threw everything at HR constantly, but could never quite find the perfect fight to get into the game – with HR easily able to rip through their opponent’s lineup.

With that HR move into the top spot in the group for the time being, while Spirit will move closer to being eliminated from the event, with only one series left to play. The action from the WePlay! Pushka League continues tomorrow with four series, including a must-win situation for Nigma and a battle.

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