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photo by: Andrey Bosenko

It is happening again. Evil Geniuses have secured the proverbial top 3 finish, while Team Secret are Major grand finalists once more.

MDL Disneyland® Paris Major is quickly approaching the finish line, time for the four teams left in the competition to show their best cards. Team Secret were the first to do just that. Their game one draft against Evil Geniuses was nearly impossible to read and got their adversaries in a lot of troubles. Master drafter Clement “Puppey” Ivanov opened with Wraith King and Ancient Apparition and both turned to be cores while the last pick was a deep buried secret of their mid laner. Yeik “MidOne” Nai Zheng played his first-ever competitive Meepo and he simply dismantled EG with his micromanagement. His first Meepo boasted a 20/2/4 K/D/A dwarfing the opposite camp, where the hero with most kills was Artour “Arteezy” Babaev’s Arc Warden with only 5.


However, Evil Geniuses pushed back hard in game two with a flawless performance from Syed “SumaiL” Hassan on Windranger. He set up a fast paced game and with RTZ on Sven, able to join the early skirmishes and to keep the lanes pushed, EG took the full control of the game to force a decisive game. SumaiL’s Windranger was so good that EG picked it in game three as well and delivered an exciting series. The game was dead even for its entire duration, both teams relying on their team fight initiation tools to get the upper hand. Team Secret had Yazied “YapzOr” Jaradat on Lion who saved the day for his team countless of times. Starting from the laning stage where he played in a trilane versus trilane, to late game stages where his clutch Earth Spikes and Aghanim’s Finger of Death made the difference for Secret.

Disneyland® Paris Major is Team Secret’s third chance to lift a Major trophy. At the beginning of the season they got defeated by in the Kuala Lumpur Major grand finals, back in January they took revenge over the CIS squad by taking them down 3-1 in the Chongqing  Major grand finals, while nearly two months ago they finished top 4 at the Stockholm Major

For Evil Geniuses, this is second to last chance to improve their top three finish in this year’s Dota Pro Circuit season and their lower bracket final adversaries in Paris  are to be decided in the last series of the day in the Disney® Events Arena, Team Liquid versus PSG.LGD Gaming.

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