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The South American – Russian collaboration has ended after just one month. The former Playmakers members joined the organization at the beginning of February and were supposed to play under the Team Odd colors at the upcoming Minor.

George Griffin, the team manager, gave a few details in a TwitLonger post on why his players are parting ways with the organization less than a week before the Minor. According to Griffin, two of the Team Odd representatives approached him on Discord ahead of the Minor qualifiers, offering to support the Playmakers members with a monthly salary and a bootcamp in Kiev in the eventuality of them qualifying for the StarLadder ImbaTV Minor. The agreement was signed, Griffin says, on the 2nd of February, when the organization promised a monthly salary between 600 and 1000 US dollars for each player. Later on, the org asked to lower the salaries to $500 per month with the first payment supposed to be delivered by Team Odd on the 20th of February 2019 via PayPal.

According to George Griffin the players were to receive:

– An initial starting for signing this document players (and manager) are to receive:

– $500 starting salary to be received within the month of February

– Help with LAN cafe payments for players that need it

– Social Media Presence on behalf of Team Odd

– Team Logos and Rebrand for in Game Dota 2

Additionally, if the team was to qualify for the Minor, the organization has also promised the following:

– Bootcamp for all LANs in Kiev

–  An official contract written by Team Odd to be signed by all players and manager to be officially picked up and under contract by the organization

– A re-evaluation of initial givens to the team

Despite qualifying for the Minor, Griffin says that none of the promises made by Team Odd have been fulfilled. “None of this happened,” says the team manager. “My team was not paid or given what they were promised even if things were signed […] We are no longer going to work with Team Odd and will be going back to Playmakers,” Griffin stated in his TwitLonger post.

The players are expected to arrive in Kiev, Ukraine this week and start their un in the StarLadder ImbaTV Minor on the 7th of the month.

Playmakers is the name of the team Christian “Accel” Cruz and Alonso “Kotarō” León created back in November 2018. The team was player owned and had no resources to pay a monthly salary for its players. Instead, it was supposed to prosper from tournament winnings. Since their inception, Playmakers made it only to the Bucharest Minor, back in January 2019, where they finished bottom two, taking home $7,500.

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