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All three European teams from Group A at ESL One Los Angeles Online have made it into the playoffs stage, including Team Nigma who locked their spot in the final series of the group play.

Nigma’s performance was rather inconsistent through the last couple of months and the current global pandemic added to the constant pressure and stress factors, as captain Kuro “KuroKy” Takhasomi said in the winner’s interview today after the 2-0 victory over “We live hard, strange times,” he added but he also talked about how the passion for Dota never wears off. Since a lot of teams were tied 2-4 after six days of matches, the final day in the group stage was rather important for most of the teams in Group A. All series scheduled for the last day were played at the same time and Nigma couldn’t know what their fate will be until the very end, and to avoid any risk, they came prepared to put Aliwi “w33” Omar into the spotlight with two Meepo drafts.

They opened both games with an Io pick, and although the first game was an absolute beatdown with w33 going 12/0/10 on his Meepo as he forced the GG call with a rampage secured in the enemy fountain, took their chance and allowed them to draft the hero in game two as well.

The second game was way more balanced as had a better laning stage and held the networth advantage for the first 15 minutes. Nigma started to turn the tide after the 10 minute mark when they started to roam around the map with Meepo and Ivan “MinD_ContRoL” Ivanov on Spiritbreaker, who kept the vision up with his charges for Meepo to land his nets.

Despite the 0-2 loss against Team Nigma, have also won enough series in the group play to make the cut to the playoffs. Along with Nigma, they will start the playoffs journey from the lower bracket rounds. For both teams, their adversaries will be decided in the Group B final matches.


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