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ESL One Germany 2020 would see its first team eliminated in the playoff stage today as Team Nigma and Team Liquid went head-to-head in the first of two lower bracket best-of-three series today.

There have been many moments lately where Nigma have struggled, including the group stages of ESL One Germany – that said, they ensured they would make it into the playoffs but were tasked with taking down Team Secret if they wanted to remain in the upper bracket. As that goes, it did not happen, even though they took the first game of the series and would eventually fall 1-2 and drop to the lower bracket. Joining them would be an extremely weak Liquid who failed to take down mudgolems after turning around a huge deficit in one game of the series. Now the two teams would have to fight for their tournament lives.

Liquid seemed to go into the first series in the same way they did yesterday, putting all their metaphorical eggs in one basket and relying heavily on Michael ‘miCKe’ Vu’s Morphling to carry them to victory. But by the half hour mark, with Liquid barely able to string together a single team fight, the first game was all but over as Nigma pummeled their opponents into submission. But game two is where Liquid finally seemed to find their footing as they utilized Storm Spirit and Spectre to destroy Nigma. However, the MVP of the game has to be the position five Rubick from Aydin “iNSaNiA” Sarkohl that always stole the perfect skills to turn the tides.

Even though it did get a bit shaky for Liquid as the game progressed with Nigma’s “never-give-up” attitude, the series would eventually be tied and one last game would be left to decide the first elimination at ESL One Germany 2020. Once Liquid had found their footing, there was no stopping them as they dominated Nigma in game three. It took only 20-minutes for the first set of barracks to fall and Nigma no hope of ever finding any sort of comeback.

Although it took a while for Liquid to completely close things out, there was nowhere for Nigma to go as they would eventually be the first team eliminated from ESL One Germany 2020’s playoff stage – a result just as terrible as their last event. For Liquid, they would move forward in the lower bracket at the event, with the elimination action continuing in three days.

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