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WePlay! Pushka League had reached its final day of action and before the Grand Final got underway there would be the case of the lower bracket final between Team Liquid and Prodigy.

A late start to the lower bracket final was seen today after it seems as though Team Liquid had some troubles connecting to the game – but thankfully for them, the Prodigy squad were gracious enough to allow Michael ‘miCKe’ Vu time to reconnect. But that is as far as the niceties would go as the two teams would now fight for a spot in the grand finals against Team Secret.

While Liquid had been showing some extremely amazing skill in the event so far, game one saw them being completely stomped by VP.P. The CIS squad were ahead right from the start and even though the game lasted over half an hour, it ended with a 31-5 scoreline and Egor ‘epileptick1d’ Grigorenko’s Ember Spirit going 13-0-14. With their backs against the wall, Liquid would need to find their footing to tie the series and avoid an elimination, but it was not to be the case.

Although Liquid did have a much better game, they seemed unable to find any of the form that they showed throughout the tournament prior to this. The game did go back and forth, as Liquid found some openings – but it was not enough to shutdown the VP.P lineup – who were in a class of their own today. It took 35-minutes for the GG call to come out, but it was over for Liquid long before that.

With that, Team Liquid’s WePlay! Pushka League run comes to an end as they obtain a rather strong third place finish. For VP.P, they will now progress into the grand final where they will get another shot to take down Team Secret – and maybe cause a huge upset.

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