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EPICENTER had a fantastic day of Dota 2 action and the final series of the day would be an upper bracket semi-final between Team Liquid and

Both teams played absolutely amazing series earlier in the day which acquired them a guaranteed top 6 finish at the EPICENTER Major but for a spot in the top 3 they would have to beat the other. With Aliwi ‘w33’ Omar in their squad, Liquid looked to be the better squad on paper – especially with the Windranger domination that had been coming out from them in the event so far. But VP were on the back from an absolutely magical show of power against Team Secret and they would offer great opposition.

The first game of the series was over in a blink of an eye – with Liquid just outplaying VP at every turn. It only took 22-minutes for the GG to come out from the CIS squad who could see no way back into the game even though all of their tier 2 towers still stood. From everyone, including the casters, point of view, it felt as though VP were slightly tilted by the failures in their draft – but they still had another shot. Things in game two were very different and VP were able to take control right off the bat. But Liquid did not give up and made an extremely valiant stand to bring themselves back into the game. Unfortunately for them, it was not enough and VP tied up the series.

The final game of the series was just a brutal dismantling of everything by Liquid – as they only took 20-minutes to get through two lanes of barracks and rack up a huge lead too. It did not take much longer for the TI7 winners to return to their CIS opponent’s base and force the GG call which gave them an extremely hard-fought series win.

With the win, Liquid claim themselves a guaranteed top 3 finish at the EPICENTER Major while VP will drop down into the lower bracket where they will be looking to fight their way through elimination series in hopes of making it to the grand finals.

EPICENTER returns tomorrow with more upper and lower bracket action and we will see two more teams being eliminated as well as another team reaching the top 3 of the event.

photo by EPICENTER

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