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Lower bracket rounds were on the schedule for the second day of playoffs at the $60,000 OGA Dota PIT Online event for the Chinese region.

Invictus Gaming and Aster were two of the strongest teams in the Chinese region only two months ago. They were both set to participate at the ESL One Los Angeles Major, Aster as Minor champions and iG with a ticket secured via regional qualifiers. Unfortunately, a few patches later and after a couple of concentrated quarantines for some of the Aster players, both teams seem to have lost the momentum despite being busy with two tournaments running in parallel.

While they are currently second in the DPL-CDA Professional League, Invictus Gaming dropped out of the OGA Dota Pit tourney only top six after a 0-2 loss against Royal Never Give Up. RNG had a clinical execution through the first 25 minutes of game one and were ready to seal the deal early. However, iG’s high ground defense prolonged the game long enough for their Naga Siren-Disruptor combo to make the difference. After they repelled RNG from the base a few times, iG were mounting a comeback from a 10K deficit and two lanes of barracks down. Unfortunately, they also decided to purchase a Divine Rapier on Naga and it only took one good fight from RNG to turn the tides back in their favor and melt down the iG throne with the shiny Rapier picked up by Dragon Knight. Game two featured a Lycan-Venomancer coming from IG, who were looking to take early objectives and corner RNG, but their push strategy was annihilated by RNG who had full control over the laning stage and snowballed towards a 28 minute victory with an unstoppable offlane Arc Warden.

Team Aster shared the same fate with iG, also on the back of lost Rapiers and unfortunate decisions. They fought for their tournament survival against EHOME, one of the very few teams that enjoy playing Visage in the current meta. In game one they paired it with Troll Warlord and Death Prophet and were able to control Song “Sccc” Chun’s Terrorblade up to the point where they killed him even with a Divine Rapier in his inventory. Looking to force a decider game from EHOME, Aster had a perfect laning stage in game two and were in the lead for the most part of the game as they focused their ganks on  Liu “Sylar” Jiajun’ Morphling. They killed him five times in the first 15 minutes, delaying the item progression and preventing EHOME from having a chance in the team fights without their Morph. However, they couldn’t breach the high ground and the later it went in the game, the more chances EHOME had to make a comeback. The big turnaround came around the 40 minute mark, when EHOME secured a Roshan kill and closed the game being led in kill score 38 to 24.

OGA Dota PIT China division will resume tomorrow, May 9 at 08:00 CET/14:00 PST with the second round of the lower bracket, EHOME vs RNG followed by the upper bracket finals PSG.LGD vs Vici Gaming.

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