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BTS Pro Series Americas and Southeast Asia leagues are well underway, nearly done with the first week of matches. On the sixth day of battles in the SEA division, T1 were pitted against the former Team Io line-up, now playing under CR tag, and scored the first victory point at the end of what was the most tense match of the whole event thus far.

The series started with a flawless Terrorblade game from Galvin “Meracle” Kang Jian Wen, who joined the team relatively recently, after Dominik “Black^” Reitmeier’s departure. Both teams were ready to go for a potential late game plan, T1 with Terrorblade, CR with their substitute carry player, Cheng “vtFαded” Jia Hao, on Anti-Mage. However, Meracle’s perfect laning stage allowed him to snowball and join the push early, alongside Dragon Knight and Darkseer. He closed the deal with a 10/0/6 K/D/A, unlike CR’s Anti Mage, who had a higher networth, but died 3 times in the 25 minute game and scored just 2 kills. 

Second game kept the casters busy, as both teams engaged in a bloody fight right from the get go. By the 10 minute mark there were already 15 kills traded, with 28 more kills being registered in the next 10 minutes. The game went back and forth, the gold advantage going into CR’s favour, but through all the 46 minutes madness, two Divine Rapiers and 97 kills in total, one player stood out. Meracle on Morphing was involved in 37 kills, dying just three times, which allowed him to end the game at the top of the charts with 32.5K networth, CR’s Templar Assassin trailing him with 29.5K networth. 

Today’s 2-0 victory brings a bit of hope for T1, who were at the bottom of the group, but managed to now advance to sixth place. For the bottom 2 teams, the tournament will end in the group stage, but everyone has a couple more series to play until April 22, when BTS Pro Series is heading into the playoffs stage. 

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