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Infamous secured this year at The International the best placement for a South American team. Their group stage run nearly sent them to the upper bracket. They were one point from an amazing achievement, but nonetheless, their TI9 performance is definitely a step forward for the SA region. We got to sit and talk with Steven “StingeR” Vargas earlier in the tournament to find out how they prepared for the biggest tournament of the year. 


Big congrats on the group stage run. Are you content with your performance in the groups?

We are really happy with what we have accomplished, but at the same time we feel like we could have gone to the winner’s bracket. So, while we are super happy with how we performed so far, we are also a bit unhappy. Still, it’s good, we move forward with a lot of hope. 

You were one point away from the upper bracket. In what game do you feel like you didn’t give it all, or where did you do the biggest mistake?

In game two versus Na’Vi, where we already had Megas, one of our players accidentally used the glyph before they actually started to hit our buildings. We also had a buyback problem in that game, so I would say if those two mistakes weren’t there, the overall results would have been different. 

You signed with Infamous just ahead of the regional qualifiers. Can you walk us through this decision, why Infamous and not any other organization?

We were kind of looking for an organization for a while, so we can come to TI with better possibilities, and Infamous was the organization that we felt safer with. They were also the ones to offer us a bootcamap in Brazil, so we can play the qualifiers in better conditions. Other organizations, for instance, were not really considering to offer a bootcamap. 

I know you also managed to have a one week bootcmap in Shanghai before the TI. How did that go for you guys, are you satisfied with the practice time here?

Yes, we arrived here like a week before the group stage and we scrimed a lot with SEA teams and Chinese teams as well. Overall, the results were good, we got to test a few strategies before the event and we feel like this bootcamp in Shanghai really helped us for the group stage matches. 

Through the four days of group stage, which series proved to be the most difficult?

The hardest match-up was with, because the way we play is very similar with theirs and this makes everything harder.

You played a lot of support Silencer in the qualifiers for TI9, and also picked it here, in Shanghai. Not many teams go with this hero, so, could you tell us why does Infamous like the Silencer?

We think that Silencer is a good choice to start the draft because you can use him either position 3 or 4 or even position 1. So, in that aspect, we have the draft rather open. Regardless of what role you play it, you force the opposing team to commit to BkB and you can be very aggressive in the lane.

I heard that the Infamous players decided to ignore, to stay away from any social media channels once the groups started. Is it true? 

I, personally, did that because I don’t find it as something good right now. But, not all our players went this way. For example Chris Luck checks his social accounts all the time. For him it works the other way around, it helps him to see all the comments. 

Thanks a lot for your time Stinger and hope to get to talk to you again soon. Do you have any shout-outs to make at the end of our interview?

I would like to make a shout-out to our sponsors, Cifrut, HyperX, Walon, and also to thank all the fans watching and cheering for us.


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