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Encounters between OG and Team Nigma, the two TI9 finalists, are always a roller coaster ride and it was no different when the two sides went up against each other on Sunday in the Epic League Division 1 group stages. Three games of constant fights and action led to Nigma taking the win 2-1 after being down 1-0. But besides the constant fighting, there was one thing that was common in all three games – Spectre dominating and being on the winning team.

Like every patch has it’s breakout heroes, the most dominant carries of Dota 2 patch 7.27 have been Faceless Void and Spectre, and the pair went up against each other in game 1. But Spectre proved to be a lot stronger with MidOne ending up with a score of 19/2/17 for OG to take the first game.

Nigma vs OG game 1 draft

In game 2, OG let Spectre through for Nigma and took the Magnus – Phantom Assassin combo for themselves. Once PA hits critical mass, she is one carry that has the ability to go toe-to-toe against Spectre, which OG saw while taking on Alliance. But things didn’t go according to plan in game 2 for OG and the inability to keep Spectre in check cost them the second game.

Nigma vs OG game 2 draft

The big surprise in game 3 was OG letting the Spectre through again, while picking Oracle and Alchemist for themselves. Alchemist isn’t the strongest hero in this patch and as Kuro said later, Shiva’s Guard and Eye of Skadi, which reduce HP regen, are direct counters to Chemical Rage. Even though the odds were stacked against them, OG shot to a lead with Alch’s farming ability and found themselves in a good place, until one fight at Nigma’s base near the mid tier 3 tower which turned everything.

OG had a time window before which they needed to finish the game. Failure to do so let Spectre get farmed, get a Skadi, and dominate the game. A big conincidence was that Miracle’s ended with almost the same score on Spectre in game 3 which MidOne had in game 1 – 19/2/15 (just a couple of assists less than MidOne).

Nigma vs OG game 3 draft

Looking at this series, it would be surprising to see a lot of teams letting the Spcectre through against Nigma, or for that matter, against anyone. She is the fourth most picked and fifth most banned hero this patch and is expected to be one of the heroes to be hit hard with the nerf hammer once Dota 2 patch 7.28 arrives.

Epic League Division 1 now heads into a three day break, during which, Division 2 games will be played. Division 1 will be back on the 19th of November with some equally enthralling match-ups.

EPIC League games on the 19th of November (taken from Liquipedia)

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