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South America’s final open qualifier has wrapped up and the last two teams to join in at the closed qualifier to fight for a single spot at The International 2019 have been decided; EgoBoys and Gorillaz Pride.

The South American Dota 2 region has been looking better and better over the years with multiple teams beginning to challenge for the top spots in the region – this is what made the open qualifiers for the region so tough. EgoBoys was created in March of this year and found out just how tough the qualifiers were when they lost out in the finals of the first open bracket. However, the squad with the likes of Enzo ‘Timado’ Gianoli and Benjamin ‘Benjaz’ Lanaos came through in the second open qualifier, taking their place in the closed bracket where they will attempt to make it to TI9. The full Peruvian EgoBoys roster is:

  • Enzo ‘Timado’ Gianoli
  • Leonardo ‘LeoStyle-‘ Sifuentes
  • Benjamin ‘Benjaz’ Lanaos
  • Farith ‘Matthew’ Puente
  • Álex ‘Masoku’ Dávila

While having not been present at a TI since 2017, it’s no doubt that Timado will be trying his absolute best to take this squad through the grueling closed qualifier and return to The International stage.

The final squad to join in the closed qualifier for South America would be Gorillaz-Pride. The Gorillaz squad have had an extremely tough few months, losing many massive players so both SA and NA rosters. However, this did not stop them finding strong replacements and powering through to the closed qualifiers in hopes of reaching TI9. The squad features a rather interesting mix of players from around South American as well as a coach-turned-player – which we all know can be devastating to opposition. The full Gorillaz-Pride squad heading into the closed qualifier for SA is:

  • Christian Eduardo ‘Madara’ Kimura Trinidad
  • Darkmago
  • Jose Andree ‘Sword’ Nicosla
  • Alexis ‘sl4d1n’ Cepeda
  • Diego ‘Jericho’ Rivera

With that, the full set of eight teams which will fight for the South American TI9 spot is set:

  • paiN Gaming
  • Team Ham
  • Thunder Predator
  • Infamous
  • FURIA Esports
  • SG e-sports
  • EgoBoys
  • Gorillaz-Pride

The closed qualifier for South America kicks off in only a few short hours as the teams prepare to battle to reach the pinnacle of Dota 2, The International 2019.

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