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This year has seen a ton of Dota 2 action and with the second half of the year plus The International 2019 still to come, we’re sure to have more – but none quite like the weirdly fun-to-watch Midas Mode, which has its second iteration on the way.

Midas Mode is not a tournament in the Dota 2 Pro Circuit and it’s definitely not going to get any team into TI10 – but what it does do is create a ridiculously fun event filled with some epic players and personalities from the game. The second iteration of Midas Mode will be very different from the first, this time featuring a vast amount of weird and wonderful customized parts of the game. For those that may be confused by this, check out the video below:

Still confused? So are we. But it seems like people are already heavily on board with this idea from Jake ‘SirActionSlacks’ Kanner and we’re going to get some rather interesting looking Dota 2 maps at this event. The usual Midas Mode currency will still be in effect for this tournament; Moonbucks, which teams can use to purchase things such as hero picks and bans, Radiant or Dire side choices and even a quick pause. All teams are given a set amount of this currency to start but the only way to get more is to complete bounties – which are available constantly throughout each day of play. Examples of these that were present at the first Midas Mode are:

  • Plant a tree in the enemy fountain before 25 minutes and /all chat a message announcing this once done. (Nature’s Prophet, Io and Monkey King not allowed).
  • Pick only mounted heroes.
  • Demote a player on your team to part-time caster. When dead, they must /all chat cast the game.

These are just some of the wonderful bounties that were available previously and it’s unsure which might return and what new ones the Reddit community will think up for Slacks to choose.

The tournament is labelled as the “ONLY EVENT IN NORTH AMERICA for Dota 2” and should be the first NA LAN event following TI9. It will take place from September 24th-October 2nd, featuring THREE regions this time; China, Europe and North America. Midas Mode 2.0 will take place in Denver Colorado at the Local Host Arena LAN Café and there’s a ton in store for those that attend and watch. While we don’t know which players and teams will be joining the event, you can keep up with all the information on the Midas Mode website here.

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