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Two LAN tournaments of the new competitive season are already done and dusted. DreamLeague Season 12 brought the very first opportunity for the fans to see some of the new rosters in action playing live in an arena. The tournament was held from the 18th to the 20th of October in the Netherlands, Jorien “Sheever” van der Heijden’ home country.

It was for the first time when DreamLeague came to the Netherlands and we couldn’t miss the chance to talk to Sheever and find out how she felt to have a job minutes away from home. Among other things, we, of course, talked a bit about the post TI9 shuffle and the two new heroes expected to come to Dota 2 this autumn with the Outlanders update.


Hi Sheever, how does it feel to host a tournament in your home country, how does it feel to have the DreamLeague Sheever show in Rotterdam, Netherlands for the first time?

I am actually so happy that DreamLeague has come to Rotterdam. This is the first time when I had a 45 minute travel time from my home to an event. That’s pretty crazy and I’m loving it. This is very special to me, my whole family came out to watch me here. So, yeah, I’m really enjoying it, and I hope that the Dutch fans will get more chances to actually show their passion for Dota 2.

Is your family coming to watch you live at work for the first time?

Yes. My younger sister has come with me to an International before, and she’s also been to some other Dota events. But for the rest of the family, this is the first time when they watch me do my job. 

Talk to us abit about this crazy shuffle that we had after TI9. Did you expect the teams to make such big moves, and did you perhaps see some of the changes coming?

Well, as talent you always know some of the things that are put in motion at TI actually, you have a little bit more insight information, so not everything was a surprise to me. I am mostly curious though about the teams that we don’t know anything about right now. Like, what’s happening with Secret, what’s happening with the old Liquid roster, what’s happening with LGD, and perhaps what’s happening with OG, although I’m pretty sure they will be sticking together. 

I understand why the rest of the teams made some changes, and we will see how it plays out, if there are winners coming out of that shuffle. This shuffle was expected to be the biggest one yet and so far, it has not disappointed.

Would you say that the shuffle has been so big because of how OG won two TIs in a row? Do you think that what OG has accomplished on so many levels, not only competitively, has changed something in the players’ mentality?

For sure! They won two years in a row and the teams that were expected to do well in both these TIs, they didn’t do that well, and I think most of them stuck together for such a long time for a reason, but TI9 was the final straw for them. It’s not a big surprise to see some of the players going to check if the grass is greener somewhere else. As for OG, they have something special, and I think that there are more teams now that will look for that special something. 

The whole community is waiting for the new patch which will add two new heroes to the game. What are your expectations for Snapfire and Void Spirit?

I want Snapfire to be a support. I can’t wait for it, I am a support player and hearing that she has cookies and a dragon, I’m all for it, that’s my hero, right there!

No love for the Void Spirit?

I mean, yeah, it’s the fourth spirit finally coming, but I know he will be a core, so I’ll probably play it once, maybe twice and never touch it again after that.

A cheeky question to end our interview: who do you think will win the first Major of the season?

I think Evil Geniuses have a good shot, or at least top three for them. Vici Gaming are there as well, and they are on home soil, so they have a good shot too, but someone to look out for at the Chengdu Major is the current Alliance, I think they will be really good. 

Thank you very much for taking the time to do this interview and I hope to see you again soon. 

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