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Alliance have recently undergone a roster change and reunited with their TI3 champion Gustav “s4” Magnusson. They are yet to sign a position four support, but playing with a stand-in at WePlay! Pushka League doesn’t seem to impact them too much.

Alliance are currently top three in the European group with two victories secured over Team Liquid and OG. Right before the tournament began, s4 gave an extended interview to WePlay! Esports and talked about his return to Alliance, the Chinese scene for which he has a tremendous respect, the online leagues format and how it might impact all regions, TI10 and when it might happen and few more other topics.

Returning to Alliance and what did he miss the most

“The thing I missed the most was leading the team, like using my ideas about Dota. I used to do that back in the days with Alliance and it was really fun even though it didn’t go so well, the second part of Alliance I mean.”

What does it take to be a good captain?

“A captain should be able to take responsibility. I think that’s the most important thing about a captain or a leader. […] If you don’t take responsibility, then your team will lose trust in you and that can be damaging you because if people stop listening to you, then you’re not a leader anymore. So taking responsibility is very key.”

The Chinese scene and its current state

“China’s Dota is what inspired me the most throughout my years in Dota. So yeah, I do follow up Chinese Dota a lot. Before we won TI, I was watching a lot of Chinese Dota and I was learning from them, so now I have a lot of respect for them. It’s really hard to say right now where they stand because we’re not having LANs, right? There wasn’t that much like West versus China happening. Eventually, when we were going to meet each other at some LAN later down the road, it will be kind of interesting to see which region is actually strong. And I mean, back in the day, China was really strong, stronger than the West. So with all this happening, it could be a good thing, you know, for China, if they are not influenced too much by the West LANs and stuff. It might be good or it might be bad.”

Online tournaments or LANs?

“I actually love it [online league format] because in the past it was kind of like this, back in the day when Dota started becoming a big game. There was a lot of online and it built so much hype before LAN tournaments, and when they came, it was super hype, for the players and for the viewers. So I’m actually a big fan of not having LANs constantly, you know. It’s also cool because for the past one or two years I’ve not been able to scrim from home, from my own home computer. Mostly I’ve been away at some bootcamps playing with my team and for a change, it’s good to sit at home and play.”

Will there be a TI10?

“I saw a week ago that Germany banned concerts and big stuff until August. I feel like it’s not looking too hot. It’s going to be in Sweden, but right now Sweden is not taking it that seriously. But I believe that soon it’s going to start closing down and it’s probably not going to happen. I’ll be surprised if it does. In my opinion, they should delay it and put it on different dates. Like delay it by half a year, put it in January or February. TI doesn’t have to be in August, right?”

Why Alliance picked fng to stand-in for WePlay! Pushka League?

“We chose him because this guy has made a lot of teams look good, and Loda recommended him as well. It was something we thought about before actually deciding on it.”

WePlay! also dove with their interview into s4’s plans after leaving Evil Geniuses, his time away from the game and the prospect of becoming a full time commentator. They also talked about the CIS scene and the Pushka League format. The interview can be read fully on the WePlay! website, here.

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