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Royal Never Give Up will be the only Chinese representative next year at the Bukovel Minor to fight for the last chance to join the 15 teams qualified for the Leipzig Major.

RNG are going to the Minor after a long and hard fought qualifier leg for the second round of Dota Pro Circuit tournaments. They were close to losing it all in the Major qualifiers after they finished fourth in their group. They reached the Minor qualifiers by taking down 2-0 Newbee in the group stage decider, and luckily for them, the Minor qualifiers playoffs were held in a double elimination bracket, otherwise, they would have been knocked out of the competition by EHOME in the semifinals, yesterday.

Dropped into the lower bracket, RNG were given the chance to take full revenge over EHOME, and reached the best of five grand finals, where they executed CDEC Gaming 3-0. The series started on a very fast tempo imposed by RNG, with a carry Razor and a mid-lane Storm Spirit who couldn’t be caught the entire game.

After losing game one around the 30-minute mark with a 20 to 3 kill score, CDEC were able to contest the laning stage of the second game with a core Nature’s Prophet and a mid-Viper. However, past the 20-minute mark, RNG took the map control and kept the pressure on their adversaries, forcing CDEC’s Morphling to play defensively, which eventually led to another defeat. Game three featured a valiant base defense effort from CDEC who managed to push for a very late game scenario, despite playing against a fast line-up with Lycan and Dazzle who were constantly threatening the base. CDEC made a slow comeback from a 15k networth deficit, but it was already past the 40-minute mark, and although their Troll Warlord was at times able to fight alone against all five RNG heroes, the lack of buybacks eventually caused CDEDC to lose all their base buildings and the throne. Unfortunately for CDEC, this is the second Minor qualifier grand final in a row that they lose. At the beginning of the season, they fought in a tense series that went up to the fifth game against Invictus Gaming, who made it to the DOTA Summit Minor and then placed in the top 3 at the Chengdu Major.

With their victory today, RNG will make their DPC debut at the WePlay!Bukovel Minor in January, and it will be interesting to see if they can replicate iG’s Minor into Major run. 

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