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During his last stream before going to Moscow, Russia for the EPICENTER Major, Vici Gaming’s coach, Bai “rOtK” Fan answered a few questions regarding VG’s shape heading to TI. He also talked about his plans to make all Chinese participate in a joint bootcamp ahead of The International 2019.

Regarding VG’s current form and how they are going to prepare for TI

Our form hasn’t changed much, basically we are on the same level with LGD.

Before TI, the core members of those teams who have already secured a TI slot will have a meeting together to discuss about organizing a joint training camp and other preparations for TI. We need to practice systematically. Like, for example, one day LGD want to practice Doom (or other meta heroes), they will tell us that and we will try to figure out a way to counter Doom.

Training like this benefits all of us. During this process, if we find that a certain hero is difficult to deal with, we will focus on that and try to find a solution, if we can’t find an answer, we will ban that hero in tournaments.

I will start speaking with other teams and discuss about that after EPICENTER. I’m definitely going to do this whether other teams want to join or not. I’m not being altruistic, I’m not doing this for other teams, I’m doing this for my own team as I want them to improve by discovering new strategies, I want them to have a proper practice.

This season we barely had any quality scrims with other Chinese teams. We won or we lost, but other than that we learned very little.

Considering that Europe is the strongest region right now, would it be better to bootcamp there?

TI9 will be held in China, not in Europe. A bootcamp in Europe would help us get over jet-lag in advance as well as give us chances to practice with top EU teams. But, TI is in China and all we need to do is to improve ourselves.

About EHOME, RNG and Sirius’ chances to secure a slot at TI9

Both Alliance and Gambit only need 400 more DPC points, i.e top 8 at the EPICENTER to surpass EHOME on the DPC leaderboard. That being said, the probability for EHOME to lose their slot via DPC points is higher than 80%. It’s a dire situation for them.

RNG will need to make it to the top 6 at the EPICENTER Major to qualify for TI9 which is extremely difficult too.

As for Sirius, I think they will be invited to the regional qualifiers. The Chinese regional qualifier this year is so stacked and only one team can qualify…

About VG’s performance this season

We’ve been having good team morale and atmosphere this year. Winning or losing really depends on the players’ in-game performance. We played a bit recklessly at the ESL One Birmingham, maybe our players failed to stay calm during those games. We actually performed well at the Paris Major, unfortunately, we didn’t get a good result because some of my drafts made the games extremely difficult to play. But, our players were in good shape.

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