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With Vici Gaming and Aster both knocked out of the Chongqing Major, it was time to talk about what roster changes I’d like to see from the Chinese region. These are the two teams that I think could do with some roster changes. First I’ll start with Aster.


Aster showed some glimpses of strength at the beginning of ESL Hamburg, but have consistently gotten worse and worse over a long period of time. When I look at their team, there are two roles that need to be filled. They need a mid-laner and they need a good leader who can draft to their players strengths and meta. The latter seems hard to find in China at the current moment as most of the known coaches and leaders already have teams. As for the former, I think the player they should try to get is Ori. Ori is someone who can pop off if given the right resources and would word better with Sylar than he does with Paparazi. However that seems unlikely given how Chinese orgs often work, so I’d consider finding another young midlaner to roll the dice on.


As for Vici Gaming, they don’t necessarily need to make roster changes. They’re generally good enough that I think they will consistently make Majors and place decently at any of them. However they have two problems. First, they lack veterancy outside of their coach, rOtk. While he can help a bit, it’s better to have someone in the server who can calm emotions, make the right decisions, and give an aura of confidence to the team (as we saw with OG in the TI8 documentary).


The other problem is that they have yet to solve the Ori-Paparazi conundrum. Each time I watch these two play, I think they’re both great players, but almost never together in the high pressure moments. Part of it could be the draft, but I think it’s more systematic in terms of resources. Both seem to thrive the best as the 1 position, or the big win condition player. So when one of the two players is put on a secondary position role, they look worse. When both players are put on a primary win condition hero at the same time, it’s often too greedy. The best balance I saw in this tournament was the first game when Paparazi played Juggernaut and Ori played Medusa.


However if you look at the second and third games, they didn’t quite reach the same level of play as they did in the first. Ori just didn’t do nearly as well on secondary heroes like Dazzle or Leshrac. His performance on these types of heroes can waver from below average to above average. However that difference is enough to continually put them a step behind true championship contenders. Finally, I don’t think Yang is a particularly good off-lane player.


Considering all of this, I think VG should consider trying to get some players from Aster. If they are willing to split up the duo of Paparazi and Ori, there are two choices. If they want to keep Ori, try to get Sylar. He’d bring strong veretancy and has shown a consistent level of performance that could bring stability to the team. If they want to keep Paparazi, then I’d try to get — from Keen Gaming. If VG want to keep both players, then I’d certainly try to replace Yang with Xxs from Aster.


There are a lot of potential moves that either team can do post Chongqing Major. After all, while I’ve proposed these changes, I can see why they’d want to stick together as is. Aster’s biggest problem is the draft (though I’m of a similar opinion as Heen in that the draft is just a reflection of your skill and understanding). As for VG, they did play a really good series against EG which does give you hope for the future.

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