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The Seasonal Chat Wheel Sounds were something the community missed most about TI7 Battle Pass. And as expected, Valve brought them back this year with several new lines being added. It’s always interesting to relive the moments where those lines happened and that’s what we will be doing in this article. We also translated the newly-added Chinese ones so you guys can spam them in chat at the right time.

You’re a goddamn hero

Caster: LD

Match: TI7 LB Finals Game 2 LFY VS Liquid

Scenario: GH on Earth Shaker wiped out 3 of LFY with a beautiful Blink Echo Slam

Match ID: 3372386596 (23 min)


That’s playing to win!

Caster: Kyle

Match: DAC 2018 LB Finals Game 3 LGD vs VP

Scenario: Chalice on Uberlord teleported the whole team into the Roshan pit, that  play helped LGD to team-wipe VP and eventually secure their comeback

Match ID: 3820170555 (49min10s)


I can’t believe what we are seeing. What just happened?

Caster: ODPixel and Fogged

Match GESC Indonesia Quarter Finals Game 3 Fnatic vs Navi

Scenario: Dendi’s Rapier Lina helped Navi to comeback from a 27k net-worth deficit

Match ID: 3785554522 (61min55s)



Caster: AA

Match: DAC Grand Finals Game 5 LGD vs Mineski

Translation: Tilted? (There’s perfect twitch emote for this line: SoBayed)

Scenario: Mineski were the one who initiated the fight but they ended up losing one and LGD just teleported away unpunished.

Match ID: 3820686389 (17min55s)


Oh, My Lord

Caster: Tobiwan

Match: TI7 LB Round 4 Game 1 VP vs Liquid

Scenario:103 minutes in, went for the GG push to close out the game but MATUMBAMAN on Lycan managed to hold and claimed a Triple Kill.

Match ID: 3368158118 (103min)



Caster: Ferrari_430

Match: SLi Invitational Season 5 Semifinals  Game 1 VGJ vs Vega

Translation: Calabash Brothers are on their way saving their grandpa?

* Calabash Brothers are characters from a Chinese cartoon, their grandpa was captured by villains and they decided to rescue him. Unfortunately, instead of doing it together, they went to the villains’ cave one by one and got defeated one by one. It has now become a popular expression among Chinese Dota2 community, often used when one side started to chain feeding.

Scenario: VGJ chain feeding

Match ID:3834007564 (11min)



Caster: Burning, ROTK

Match: MDL Macau Grand Finals Game 1 OG vs TNC

Translation: Teammates? Teammates??? Where are his teammates????

Scenario: TNC smoked up and Kuku’s Storm Spirit showed himself on the lane as a bait, but when OG actually initiated on him, Burning found out the rest of TNC were already miles away.

Match ID: 3609945974 (36min50s)



Caster: ROTK

Match: MDL Macau Grand Finals Game 2 OG vs TNC

Translation: This is what we called Tall-Rich-Handsome

*Tall-Rich-Handsome is a Chinese expression, often used to describe someone who’s perfect(Being tall, good looking and rich at the same time).

Scenario: ROTK was surprised by how much farm Fly’s Shadow Demon had got.

Match ID: 3610090295 (29min05s)


Battle Pass Level 1205 Chat Wheel Sounds:

  • Easiest money of my life!
  • Echo Slamma Jamma!
  • The next level play!
  • Oyoy oy oy, oy, oy, oy….


Caster: Mineski TV

Match: ESL Katowice Group B Finals Game 3 Fnatic vs Secret

Scenario: Secret had the perfect initiation to start the final team fight, EE suffered a dieback but Universe on Uberlord pulled out a next level play: He teleported the remaining Fnatic heroes to the Secret base and closed out the game!

Match ID: 3747471332 (49min30s)


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