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The second week of the DPC League Season 1 came to an end and one of the last games of the weekend saw two titans of North American Dota 2 clash against each other. Quincy Crew and 4Zoomers, who are possibly the best teams in the region after Evil Geniuses, went head to head against each other in what was a game which could potentially determine which is the second team from NA that makes it to the first DPC Major in March. Most would have expected it to a close series, going all the way to a game 3. But Quincy Crew, who dominated the online NA events for the past many months, had other plans. They made short work of 4Zoomers, winning 2-0, with both games ending around the 38 minte mark.

Game 1 was an absolute smashing, with the game ending with a score of 41-9 in favor of Quincy Crew. Game 2 was more of a contest, but 4Zoomers never really seemed to be in a position to win.

Quincy Crew vs 4Zoomers game 1 draft
Quincy Crew vs 4Zoomers game 2 draft

4Zoomers now sit at a score of 1-2, with losses coming against Evil Geniuses and Quincy Crew. If they want to stay in contention for a place at the first DPC Major, for which NA have two slots, they need to win all of their remaining games and hope Quincy Crew or SADBOYS slip up. They could also hope for EG to drop a series or two, but seeing the form they are in and the integration of iceiceice in their roster, it seems unlikely.

Something SADBOYS didn’t do on the weekend was slip up, as they dispatched off A-Team 2-0 in comfortable fashion. With that win, they get first points on the board and will hope to continue their good form when they take on 5ManMidas in the upcoming week.

There is still a lot of Dota 2 to be played and things can change, but the difference in quality is beginning to show. A-Team and 5ManMidas, with three losses in their first three games, seem like teams who will be fighting to avoid relegation to the lower division in season 2. The others will need to bring their best to the table to secure a coveted spot to the first DPC Major.

Photo: BeyondTheSummit

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