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Evil Geniuses defeated Gambit Esports 2-0 in the upper bracket finals of ONE Esports Dota 2 World Pro Invitational Singapore. It was the shortest series of the tournament with a total of 45 minutes. The second game was completely in the favour of Evil Geniuses but the first game still had some comeback potential. When Gambit surrendered the game it was a big surprise. Read the article below to find out what actually happened and if Gambit had a chance to fight back.

Gambit picked Lone Druid for offlane role and it was a greedy pick whereas Slark is one of the most dominating heroes of this patch. Evil Geniuses had a better draft for the early and mid game, not strong at late game.

The Laning Stage:

Gambit completely lost the mid lane in which Invoker died several times whereas Lone Druid had great farm and Slark had average farm. Tiny had the most outstanding performance as he rotated on every lane and killed enemy cores on all the lanes. After losing the laning stage, Gambit decided to gank Evil Geniuses around their shrine with only 2 heroes, Invoker and Slark. This was one of the worst decisions they made in this tournament. They were already facing a huge networth disadvantage and they decide to gank enemy area using only 2 heroes where all enemy heroes can teleport. If it was a 5-men gank then it would have still been understandable. After this Evil Geniuses instantly decided to kill the Roshan and put pressure while using the Aegis.

The GG call:

Evil Geniuses ganked Gambit in their jungle after they grabbed Aegis and Gambit lost a few heroes. Within a few seconds Gambit called GG and surrendered. From attacking the enemy in their jungle to quitting the game in a couple of minutes, it appears that they literally lost their temper in those moments. They didn’t believe that their heroes would be able to deliver ahead.

Should they have surrendered so quickly?

If their advantage is analysed, farm on Lone Druid was great, Slark was average, Invoker was low. Now the new patch is a blessing in disguise for Invoker in the mid and late game because he doesn’t need Scepter to lower the cooldown time on Invoke. So the necessity to buy scepter is gone and he can buy other utility items and hold the game. Slark and Lone Druid, on the other hand, need space and farm and that would have been difficult against Naga Siren but now Lone Druid is a great team fight hero so they could have just taken 5v5 team fights. Slark was also very close to his BKB which would have helped him a lot in the fights.

Evil Geniuses had still not taken a single Tier 2 Tower and just before the GG call they had 7,000 networth lead at the 22 minute mark. We have seen in this tournament that a 13,000 comeback was made possible at 20th minute hence this was seriously worth a try. Slark is an overpowered hero in this patch and after Scepter he is very hard to fight against. Lone Druid is now able to tank a lot of damage in the team fights hence it naturally gives room to his teammates to use their abilities efficiently. Even though Evil Geniuses had a high chance to win the game, Gambit should not have given up so easily.

Individual networth graph shows that Gambit’s cores had the farm to face at least one more team fight.

End game statistics show the Evil Geniuses supports had great mobility items that would have surely made it difficult for Gambit to find kills in a team fight.

A tip for young players:

Never be overwhelmed by your opponent’s advantage. There is always something that can be done. If Evil Geniuses can make a 13,000 disadvantage comeback against Vici Gaming at 20th minute then Gambit could have made this too.

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