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After taking down Team Liquid 3-1, PSG.LGD became the first Chinese team to claim Major title. Shortly after this long-waited victory, Lu “king of king” Hao, the team leader of PSG.LGD, posted a lengthy article on his Weibo, talking about what the team has been through and his thoughts on players as well as the coach.

Tasting both the bitterness of our defeat at DAC grand finals and the sweet of glory after securing the championship at the EPICENTER XL Major, I have so much to say that I even don’t know where to start, about LGD, about our five players and about CN Dota.

Benchwarmer to teammates, big brother to Maybe and the “Boss” to Chalice, I am always honored to be there and grow with this team.

The closer I am to the players, the more I can sense their emotions. After we lost the fifth game at DAC grand finals, dismay and regret was in the air: Maybe flopped down onto the floor in the corner; Chalice shook his head, racked by guilt; the whole team lingered on. It certainly hurt when you were just about to win the championship and then lost it somehow. I came up and patted Chalice on the shoulder and comforted him, saying that we would make it next time. He barely nodded at me without a word. Maybe posted a Weibo the next day: I don’t think it was the time when we were closest to championship, because ONE DAY WE WILL WIN IT!

During the EPICENTER XL, players were all simmering with rage. It was hard enough to fight alone in a foreign country. The roar of “Virtus Pro! Virtus Pro” in the hall made us even more agitated. We thought that the victory over VP might earn us more respect, but we were wrong. In the next game, the audience still chanted“Liquid! Liquid! Liquid!” It was so long since the last time when a Chinese team won an international championship that many had forgotten how powerful CN Dota was. The audience roared and laughed at us. Some even brandished the signs which read “China Is Full of Fakes”, “China Gutter Oil” or other offensive words. I could clearly sense the fury inside every player. All of us were determined to show our best and make them shut up. As it turned out, we defeated our opponent 2:0, smooth and clean, waiting for the challenge at the grand finals.

May 6. Moscow, Russia. We beat Liquid with a score 3:1 at the grand final! Our and China’s first Major championship!

Looking at the five plays hugging and holding high the trophy excitedly on the stage, I had a lump in my throat. A flood of memories was brought back: Players who could not reconcile themselves after the DAC defeat; Fei and Wa who were depressed but still said with a smile that it was all right and we could do better next time. And this time we did not let down our fans online and on-the-spot. This time we made it! The trophy belongs to China!

This month our team members travelled from Shanghai, where the home crowd cheered us, to Moscow, where we were foreign players. We went through so much on the way to this championship, and we grew stronger.

Maybe is still the daring and optimistic man, who cheers the team before each game confidently. Before the our match against VP, Maybe and I were resting outside when we bumped into some VP players. They were aggressive and made taunting gestures at us. When he went back to training, Maybe vowed that he would crush VP this time. Also, before the third game against VP, he uplifted the team by saying that we were winning the deciding game and that the cheering of the Chinese fans, though only a few, made a whole difference. Most importantly, he played excellently in the games. On the flight back home, he boasted that he is a perfect commander. I smiled and told him that in Chalice’s words, he led the team to feed. At this, Maybe was still cheery, replying that no guts, no command. He thinks that right and wrong always go hand in hand. If he is wrong, he’ll accept criticism but he’s still the commander. (Maybe beard does make one more mature)

Ame lives a simple life. Except enjoying holidays and playing DNF once in a while, he spent all other time on Dota. During Epicenter he’s the one who played the most ranked matches among us and his dedication did pay off. There is an interesting story about him, too. At the after party, he became a little bit drunk after one glass of whisky. I baited him by asking who he thinks is the best carry in the world. Without the slightest hesitation he said that would be Burning and added “he rocks”.

As the youngest player in the team, Chalice may be a little nervous in LANs. But this time he came out of himself with the perfection initiations(and the RNG dark troll summoner) and proved that he could also be aggressive and not only a harmless mascot. He never responds to the all flames. Instead, he practices and practices and proves himself in the games. He’s the kind of people who express themselves with action. I believe Chalice has a bright future ahead.

Fy is the big brother in the team, but he never puts on airs. In game 1 of the grand finals, he died many time on Pugna. Right after he came off the stage, his smiled and said “Got carried” At that moment, I felt what Maybe posted in his Weibo: the atmosphere of the best team. (and of course, that single match didn’t obscure the his excellent performance through out the tournament. He deserved MVP.)

Like Ame, Xnova doesn’t speak much. But he treats Dota very seriously. No matter the event is big or small, he would study the opponents by watching their replays. After DAC, Seeing other players showing off their Radiance Trophy on Tweeter, he said earnestly that he would win it back.

QQQ has lost much hair for studying the draft. He discusses the draft and decides strategies before games and sums up for players after. He does his best everyday, if not every game, laying a solid foundation for our victory. He is truly a top tier coach.

This is our best team: Chalice and Xnova, young and vigorous; Ame and fy, handsome and skillful; and Maybe, more sophisticated and bearing more responsibilities. Victory will stir in us more fighting spirit. Championship will bring about greater ambitions. EPICENTER XL Major, we made it! We are going for victory at MDL, Super Major and TI8 with even more efforts!

Last but not least, I want to say that LGD deserves the championship. In the even year, CN DOTA rules!

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