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MDL Changsha Major has concluded yesterday as PSG.LGD took down VGJ.Storm 3:0 in the Grand Finals, claiming yet another Major Championship title for themselves and for China.

After the match, PSG.LGD did an interview with VPGAME where they shared their thoughts on their current form and their mentality when starting the playoffs from the lower bracket.


Congratulation on claiming another Major title! You guys must be really thrilled right now, I mean you were holding the national flag upside down.

Maybe: I’m feeling alright. When we were holding the national flag we didn’t get to see the front side so we accidentally held it upside down.


Maybe was awarded the MVP of this tournament. Fy, how do you feel about this choice?

Fy: Well, the MVP trophy this time is really small so it’s fine, he can have it.


You guys had a rough group stage. How did you recover from that?

Maybe: We didn’t fully understand the meta during the group stage. And QQQ’s draft was terrible. The good thing is that eventually he listened to us and stopped picking heroes like Shadow Fiend, so we just got better and better.


Fy, why do you always sit behind QQQ during the drafting phase?

Fy: He’s actually my puppet. I sit behind him so that I can tell him how to draft.


Let’s talk about game 3, any comments on Resolution’s performance on Storm Spirit in that game?

Maybe: As a carry, he’s more farming-oriented. Game 3 was a great Storm game but we managed to hold. And bit by bit we just secured the comeback.


Chalice, we know you weren’t feeling well before the grand finals, did the illness affect your performance?

Chalice: No not really, I just played my game.

Fy: He only played 50% of his best.


PSG.LGD just secured a direct invite to TI8 yesterday. So what’s your next goal as the season continues?

xNova: Keep our current form and win the Super Major.


Does winning a major in Changsha, China feel differently than winning Epicenter in Moscow?

Fy: Only a few people would cheer for you if you win a Major in a foreign country. Here, the crowd was really enthusiastic and we could feel the warmth and a scene of belonging.

Maybe, why did you shave your beard?

Maybe: I just want to prove that our championship title has nothing to do with my beard!


Fy, in our previous interviews you mentioned several times that Chalice just “got carried”, did your opinion change after this tournament?

Fy: Well everyone has their own role in the game. He played pretty good Brewmaster and Nyx in this tournament.


So the next DPC event for your guys is Super Major and I have no doubt you’ll try your best to win it. However, does it concern you that the team may have shined too early? After all, there is a saying that goes:”The favorite never wins”

Maybe: It’s alright. A Super Major title would boost our confidence significantly, and that would definitely help us going into TI8.

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