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Right after their return from EPICENTER XL with the Championship title and the tournament MVP prize for Fy as well, PSG.LGD sat down with VPGame and all the players answered a few questions regarding their performance and the great achievement realized by the team in Moscow.

Congratulations on winning this Major! Maybe, you’ve fulfilled your promise, but the community is actually more interested in your beard, how do you feel about the “Changpin Caveman” nickname?

Maybe: I actually don’t mind it, if the community likes it then its fine.

As a midlaner, you tend to roam a lot and be the tempo controller in the mid stage of the game, how well does your play style fare in this meta?

Maybe: I think meta doesn’t have much to do with it. It’s just how some heroes should be played.

 Photo: PSG eSports - Maybe at EPICENTER XL 


Who do you think is better in term of laning skills, you or Miracle-? And which one of you gets prioritized more often in your respective teams?

Maybe: I think I’m slightly favored laning against Miracle-, also there’s no such thing like “more important”, everyone is really important.

Ame, a lot people commented that you as a carry have grown a lot during the last few months. Now you are not only a flashy farmer but also a space creator if needed. In game 4 of the grand finals, you played an impeccable Slark, what’s your unique understanding on this hero?

Ame: Nah I don’t have any unique understanding. It’s just Slark is great in the meta and I practice this hero a lot.

Photo: PSG eSports - Ame at EPICENTER XL 


Fy, you were awarded MVP for your performance throughout the tournament, we saw you getting really farmed comparing to your counterpart in almost every game, how did you manage to do that?

Fy: I think in the meta it’s important for position 4 for to be more “selfish”: You need to find farm for yourself so that you can contribute more to the team.

Did you tell your parents that you were awarded MVP? Did you feel disappointed knowing that the reward for MVP was not a Mercedes?

Fy: Well, it’s only a MVP prize so I didn’t tell my parents anything about it. I might have told them if the reward was a Mercedes, because I would need to ask them where can I get my driver’s license.

Photo: PSG eSports - Fy with the EPICENTER XL MVP trophy


QQQ, your draft in this tournament drew a lot of people’s attention. People think that your drafting theory is way advanced. How do you feel about the current meta?

QQQ: It’s important to get laning advantage. Heroes who can clear the wave and move around the map fast are really strong because they can set up plays and make the rotations you need.

How do you feel about the bi-weekly patch system?

QQQ: It’s fair because every team has the same time to prepare, and those who adapt faster win.

Photo: PSG eSports - QQQ at EPICENTER XL 


Chalice, comparing to DAC, your performance at EPICENTER was exceptional, you were the one who helped the team to snowball the lead and you were super aggressive on heroes like Doom and Axe, how did you manage to improve so quickly?

Chalice: I feel like this time our team as a whole has a better understanding of the game. And also QQQ’s draft gives me a good opening in almost every game.

The community was really harsh on you for your performance in the grand finals at DAC. But at EPICENTER XL you were the key factor for the team to claim the title, especially that Dark Troll Summoner in game 4. Do you feel like that you’ve proved something to the community?

Chalice: It’s mainly because at EPICENTER I got to play heroes with small disables, unlike Tidehunter, a hero on which I have to take a big decision if I whether commit or not a long cooldown ultimate.

Photo: PSG eSports - Chalice at EPICENTER XL 


How did you feel when you found out that neutral creep was a Dark Troll Summoner?

Chalice: I didn’t get too excited. I mean, at that point I knew Lifestealer didn’t have a buyback, and I could already hear the Dark Troll Summoner calling me.

xNova, you’ve also proved yourself in this tournament with your large hero pool. As a position 5, you also seem to prefer to roam quite early. Was it a team decision or just your play style?

xNova: My play style is aggressive, so personally, I like to play heroes who can roam really early. I did try some passive heroes in our scrim but that didn’t work well.

Photo: PSG eSports - xNova at EPICENTER XL 


How did you feel after claiming the Major championship, did you celebrate together afterward?

xNova: We were really happy. After the match we went for dinner together and then the after party.


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