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It’s a summer day as a Swedish person would say. In reality it’s a foggy morning with just 4 degree celsius and a splash of rain in Stockholm.

It’s the fourth day in a row since PSG.LGD played their last series at the DreamLeague Major. They are already in the upper bracket semi finals and are waiting for the main event in the Annexet Arena to commence so they can play again. Their day by day life in Stockholm is split between practice games, solo queues, brief walks outside for a breath of fresh air, a short walk to the supermarket down the street and that’s pretty much it. They are anxious to get to the arena already and play. It’s an important year for the Chinese teams. “TI9 is coming,” says the team captain Xu “fy” Linsen.

Fy and his entire team, coach Yao “QQQ” Yi and team Manager Fei Pan showed up at the appointed time for our interview. It was a nice surprise to see the entire team doing this together so we had a nice chat about the event in Sweden, the surprise picks they had in the group stage, the preparation moving in the main event and of course we couldn’t help but ask when is Lu “Maybe” Yao going to be back on the team.


Thank you for accepting to do this interview and congrats on the upper bracket start. Did you expect your group results after knowing who were your opponents in the group?

QQQ: Yes we’ve thought about that possibility, but it was pretty difficult to finish first in this group. We know Fnatic well, but this time they spent quite some time boot-camping in EU before this tournament. So, their form was a mystery to us. NIP are also really strong as well as experienced. We haven’t seen Infamous much recently, so we weren’t too familiar with them either.

We have three Chinese teams in the upper bracket and your first series on stage will be versus VG, do you feel prepared for rOtk’s drafts, he kind of upset Secret in the playoffs quarterfinals.

Chalice:We’ll make some preparation draft-wise. Currently, VG are in good shape and the game will be a lot easier for us if we manage to counter them in the draft.

Do you agree with the general assumption that this is the time of the year when the Chinese teams start to take over the scene?

Fy: I guess it’s because TI9 is coming and everyone is getting more serious.

Based on the results so far, who do you think has the best chance to be in the grand finals here at the DreamLeague Major?

Chalice: Keen Gaming

Ame: KG


What’s your take on the tournament format, do you actually enjoy having so many days off before your next series?

Xnova: It’s nice to have a break, but I feel like the “AFK” period is a little bit too long.

Chalice: I think it’s alright, although it’s killing me not being able to play. Being in the actual game is better than watching others play.

How about the group stage format, are you guys fans of the 4 teams in 4 groups GSL format or is it any other group stage format you would like to see more often?

Chalice: Pretty much the same to me, all I need to do is to play.

I’d like to ask you about the support Pangolier – fy. Who came with the idea of Pango support?

Fy: Initially, we wanted to put Pango on position 3 when we picked him, butlater we realized that it’s also viable to put him on 4 and pick another offlane hero, so we gave it a try and it worked out pretty well.

Do you have more surprises like this support Pango prepared for the main event?

Fy:You should ask QQQ.

QQQ: I don’t know, it depends on our opponents

I’ve heard a few players saying at this event that Rod of Athos is overpowered now, with all the movement speed changes. What do you think about this item, is it really first choice material or is it a good choice just for Leshrac and a few other circumstantial mid lane heroes?

XM: The item still situational in this meta, but it’s a very good option, just like Force Staff or team items like Guardian Greaves.

What would say it’s the biggest surprise of this Major so far, in terms of how teams performed?

QQQ: Liquid not performing well.

Chalice: Liquid getting eliminated in the first round of the lower bracket

May I ask you when is Maybe returning from his vacation?

Fei: After this Major.

I wish you the best of luck in the main event and I hope we get to talk again soon  If you have any sponsors, family, friends, fans shout-outs please do.

Fy: Thanks everyone for your continued support! We will do our best to keep the Aegis in Shanghai!

Xnova: Big shout out to our fans and sponsors for their support! We will keep working hard and march forward.

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