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Considered by many one of the best captains in Dota 2, a brilliant mind and an outspoken person who always fights the system to improve the quality of life for the whole community, Peter “PPD” Dager hanged the mouse and decided to step away from competitive play in April this year.

Just like it was the case for a few other players, the coronavirus pandemic leading to the cancellation of all LAN tournaments for 2020, including the pinnacle of them all, The International, resulted in lack of motivation to keep pushing forward. PPD announced his retirement on April 20 and ever since he stood on the sideline, even from commentary or any other involvement with the competitive side of Dota 2 during all the online tournaments.

Although he often turned the stream on while playing WoW, Skyrim or Fall Guys after he retired, PPD never abandoned Dota 2 completely and tried on numerous occasions to reignite the North American in-house leagues. The recent discussion about the low quality of public matchmaking in NA, sparked during the OMEGA League by Brian “BSJ” Canavan, naturally caught PPD’s attention and called his regional friend a “savior of NA Dota.” 

He also didn’t remain silent when the community started to criticize Valve for not giving any kind of support to the competitive scene during the whole pandemic period and highlighted the fact that the pro players carry their part of the blame for not doing more when they could to ensure a healthy ecosystem.

With Valve now announcing a possible return of the Dota Po Circuit in January-February of 2021, PPD said the other day during a streaming session that he actually thinks to return.

“Guys, I have been thinking to come back to Dota, to be completely honest with you,” said PPD to his stream viewers adding that he most likely won’t jump back into the action right away, but rather he will take his former teammate Clinton “Fear” Loomis approach, and will “chill out and see where things are at in like January” before making a final decision. 

Earlier this week, Fear announced that he will take a competitive break “for a little since DPC isn’t starting until Jan-Feb of 2021.”

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