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Authorized by Orginal Author: Perfect World to translate

As the last Major of this DPC season, China SuperMajor will be the final shot for teams to earn their direct invite to The International. To welcome the arrival of The International 2018, the SuperMajor will be releasing a series of comics, reliving with fans some of the iconic moments of the previous Internationals.

Patience From Zhou

“Patience from Zhou” is an iconic voice line from The International 2012 and Valve included it into the chatwheel sounds of TI7 Battle Pass. It was a matchup between Invictus Gaming and Na’Vi in the upper bracket semi-finals. In that year, the Aegis of Champions went to a Chinese squad as the western teams had no answer to their Tidehunter and Naga strat. In that game IG was pretty behind in the early game and they wanted to find the initiation with the Song. And indeed they found it, Zhou’s Surged Naga caught every one of Na’Vi with her ult and Tidehunter was in the perfect position to cast a 5-man Ravage. Everything was looking so bad for Na’Vi, but the defending champions pulled out something impossible: At the split second when the song ended, Enigma popped out BKB, Juggernaut cast Bladefury, Rubick forcestaffed himself out of the range of Ravage and stole it from Tidehunter. Next thing IG knew was that all of them were caught by Blackhole and the Stolen Ravage. Na’Vi turned the fight around with their surgical execution and then took the series, knocking down IG into the lower bracket.

Na’Vi’s next opponent was none other than LGD. After their series with IG, Na’Vi already understood that early BKB and counter-initiation is the answer to the Tidehunter Naga strat, and that’s exactly what they did in the game 3 when LGD picked another Tide – Naga lineup: they build an early BKB on Faceless Void and LGD just lost everything they needed to win. After taking down LGD, it seemed like it was TI1 all over again: Na’Vi won the upper bracket finals, waiting for a Chinese team to challenge them in the grand finals and people started wondering: Would Na’Vi beat Chinese again and claim the Aegis?

In the grand finals Na’Vi faced IG, but this time IG managed to avenge themselves, they took down Na’Vi 3:1 and in the deciding game 4 they picked Naga and Tidehunter. Na’Vi counter-picked Rubick and Jugg but IG simply played a better game, and at end of the day, it was IG’s name people were chanting inside the Benaroya Hall.

The second comic of this series is a portrayal of the “Patience from zhou” moment: Dark Seer charged his ally with power, Naga’s song put everyone into sleep, Tidehunter was ready to slam the ground with his anchor, but such a good initiation ended up being a total disaster as the golden Enigma summoned the Blackhole the second song ended, sucking everyone of Dire into the endless void.

About China DOTA2 SuperMajor

Organized by PGL and Perfect World, the SuperMajor is the final Major of the Dota Pro Circuit. 16 top teams will come to Shanghai for the final test before The International 2018. With the highest prize money and DPC points up for grab, the SuperMajor is without a doubt the most important and the most contested event of this DPC season.


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