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As the last Major of this DPC season, China SuperMajor will be the final shot for teams to earn their direct invite to The International. To welcome the arrival of The International 2018, the SuperMajor will be releasing a series of comics, reliving with fans some of the iconic moments of the previous Internationals.

Doom is back!weapon X!

If you pick Tinker in WC3 DOTA after patch 6.74, there is a chance that you get an alternate name: “X!!”. It is a tribute to professional player MMY for his phenomenal performance on Tinker at The International 2011. Another iconic moment of that series was when EHOME.FCB on Doom bought-back on a perfect timing and helped EHOME secure the win.

The series was a matchup between EHOME and MYM in the lower bracket semi-finals at the International 2011. At that time even the Chinese fans wouldn’t count EHOME as the favorites: MYM were on the momentum after eliminating Invictus Gaming, whereas EHOME looked a bit shaky after the departure of their carry BurNIng. Game 1, MYM picked Tinker and EHOME answered with Storm and Doom. The early game was all MYM’s but Doom managed to get farmed. 29 minutes into the game, EHOME started to strike back. With a Vanguard, Radiance and BKB Doom, EHOME gradually regained the control of the game. But soon their lead was nullified by one over-extension. With the help of multiple buy-backs, MYM took down 3 of EHOME and were determined to chase the remains down. At this crucial moment, Doom bought-back and completely turned the fight around. And the image of the golden Doom chasing down everyone on MYM along with the scream “Doom is back, run!” from the English caster made it the most iconic moment of The International 2011.


The International 2011 Lower Bracket Semi-Finals EHOME VS MYM, Game 1

In Game 2, MMY got to play his signature hero Tinker, and he showed the world how scary a Tinker can be. FCB’s Lion also had his moments, providing crucial disables for his team to shut down Misery’s Anti Mage. The clip of him finishing Anti-Mage with Finger of Death was documented into several official trailers.

The first comic of this series is a portrayal of the decisive moment in game 1: Doom returned from the depths of hell and the sigil marked the failure of his enemies. Despite the fact that EHOME fell short in the grand finals, their run at TI1 is still something to remember as it marked the beginning of Chinese teams’ journey at The International.

About China DOTA2 SuperMajor

Organized by PGL and Perfect World, SuperMajor is the final Major of the Dota Pro Circuit. 16 top teams will come to Shanghai for the final test before The International 2018. With the highest prize money and DPC points up for grab, the SuperMajor is without a doubt the most important and the most contest event of this DPC season.







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