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Infamous rebuilt their entire roster after they parted ways with the line-up that brought the organization a top eight placement at TI9.

Team Anvorgesa was signed by Infamous ahead of the regional qualifiers for the most important tournament of the year, and in what turned out to be the biggest surprise of the tournament, the SA line-up managed to bring a new record for the Peruvian club. However, in the post TI9 shuffle, the five former Anvorgesa players decided to part ways with Infamous and look for other offers for the new season.

Left without a team, Infamous rebuilt their Dota 2 team around Mariano “Papita” Caneda, who’s been with the organization for more than two years. Papita was briefly released from Infamous ahead of TI9 when the roster he was leading fell apart in the aftermath of EPICENTER 2019, the last Major of the previous season. Along with him, the new Infamous line-up features a true veteran of the SA scene, namely Benjamín “Benjaz” Lanao Barrios.

Infamous roster from position 1 to 5:

  • Christian “Alucard” Kimura
  • Sebastian Cerralta “Robo-Z” Velarde
  • Benjamín “Benjaz” Lanao Barrios
  • Alexis “sl4d1n-“Cepeda
  • Mariano “Papita” Caneda

The new roster has been already locked on Valve’s official Majors registration webpage and the fans can watch the new team’s progress through the local Dota 2 tournament Movistar Liga Pro Gaming.

In the meantime, the Anvorgesa roster hasn’t announced a new sponsor, but they let the fans know that they plan to stay together for the upcoming season.

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