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After Mineski took the top honors in Group Horse on the first day of Captains Draft 4.0, they found themselves seeded against paiN Gaming – who inversely finished last in Group Hippo.

After suffering defeats at the hands of two rather tough opponents, paiN were left at the bottom of their group, suffering the fate of being matched against the winners of the other group.

Unfortunately for the South America squad, Mineski proved to be far too strong for them as it took the SEA team just under an hour over two games to eliminate paiN Gaming from the tournament.

Yesterday saw Mineski pick Dark Willow, playing her in the support role near perfectly – today we saw Daryl Koh “iceiceice” Pei Xiang play the hero in an offlane role and with an impeccable performance, he destroyed his opponents. While the tournament is still far from over, with their win Mineski would be moving on to the semi-finals where they will face either Team Secret or Evil Geniuses later this evening.

Mineski find themselves already securing a top 4 spot with their victory, ensuring that they will see some much needed Dota 2 Pro Circuit Points early on in 2018.

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