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In a rematch of TI8’s upper bracket final, OG and PSG.LGD would take to the stage, fighting for the first spot in the grand finals of The International 2019.

Both teams have met multiple times recently, but none is more memorable that their showdown last year at The International which saw OG taking the victory in both the upper bracket final and the grand finals. These two juggernauts of Dota 2 would now be fighting once more for the glory of reaching the grand finals again and the battle would be just as fierce.

OG would pick a lineup that was very similar to their game five draft at TI8 in the grand final with a Zeus and Nature’s Prophet, hoping that it would work again to take down the home-town heroes. But LGD were not about to succumb to this again, as they played around their opponents almost perfectly. While it was an insanely close matchup, as we’ve come to expect between the two world-class squads, one small mistake from Anathan ‘Ana’ Pham was all it took for LGD to clean up and take the game.

However, being a TI champion team means that you fight until the final hero has fallen and for OG, that meant grabbing one of the strongest combinations of heroes available; Alchemist and Chen. Game two was essentially a walk-in-the-park for them with Ana being absolutely unstoppable and LGD getting completely shutdown in just 22-minutes.

As expected, the two titans of Dota 2 would require a third game to split them up and what a final game of the series it was. LGD gave up the Alchemist and Chen combo again, but this time it was an extremely different match with a mid-lane Tidehunter in the mix for OG too. After an epic battle, OG were able to make it stick, taking the upper bracket finals 2-1 again.

The win for OG makes them the first team since Natus Vincere to reach the grand finals of TI for consecutive years – and now they are one step closer to also being the first two-time winners of the event as they book their spot in the grand final. PSG.LGD will have to go back to the drawing board as they now will have to fight in the lower bracket final against either Team Secret or Team Liquid.

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