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OG put their loss against Alliance behind them as they took Yellow Submarine to the cleaners in two 35 minute games to secrure a place in the upper bracket of the ESL One Germany playoffs.

Game 1 saw OG go with a core Silencer – a hero OG can and have played in any and every postion. It didn’t do too well against Alliance when Ceb played it as an offlaner, but was a lot more effective in the hands of MidOne.

In game 2 , OG mixed it up a bit by putting Topson on Silencer and getting MidOne on Riki, a hero that was a really popular carry a few patches ago, but not so much right now. But MidOne seemed to have no problem on the Stealth Assassin as he ended with the game 15/2/12 with a rampage. Even though Yellow Submarine didn’t put up too much of a fight, their mid ‘mio’ had two very good performances on Invoker and Lina.

With that win, OG secure their third series win in ESL One Germany and secure a place in the playoffs. For Yellow Submarine, there is still one more chance to make it to the upper bracket. They stand at a score of 2-2, so the next loss will drop them to the lower bracket, but with a win, they can get into the upper bracket.

ESL One Germany deploys a slightly modified version of the Swiss format – any team to win three series is through. Allilance and Team Secret qualified with a perfect score of 3-0, so they will have the best seeds for the playoffs. Teams with a 0-3 or 1-3 score are eliminated – which here would be Winstrike Team, HellRaisers, EXTREMUM and Tempo Esports. Four teams who end up with a score of 2-3 will drop to the lower bracket. The groups stages end tomorrow, the 18th of October and the playoffs will begin on the 23rd of October.

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