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Earlier today there came a short announcement from OG which seemed to point to Johan ‘N0tail’ Sundstein taking over the coaching role. However, a new video now has been released which explains exactly what’s going on in the OG camp.

In the video above we get 100% confirmation that OG will not be attending the next Major, of which open qualifiers begin tomorrow. That said, we also see a heartfelt message from N0tail which explains all the things going on that led OG to this decision – including the big reveal of a second OG roster; OG Seed. This roster was actually confirmed just yesterday via the Dota 2 Major and Minor registration page under the name ‘4 Euros 1 Murica’ but have kept the OG part a secret until today.

For some time now we have been waiting for the so-called ‘tier 2’ teams in Dota 2 to get some recognition and help in reaching the heights that seem almost unobtainable at time and OG have stepped up to answer that call. In an official announcement on the OG website, Sébastien ‘Ceb’ Debs had the following to say,

Our idea is simple: on top of our original roster, we want to create a team of players we strongly believe in but that haven’t yet reached the achievements they feel they can reach. We will help them pursue their dreams. All the way until the 3rd major of the DPC season, the back-to-back champions will be directing their talent, efforts and energy towards OG Seed.”

The seasoned veteran also adds that they have completely thought through this roster, considering the rules of the DPC.

The full OG Seed roster is:

  • Rasmus ‘Chessie’ Blomdin
  • Omar ‘Madara’ Dabachach
  • Andreas ‘Xibbe’ Ragnemalm
  • Zakari ‘ZFreek’ Freedman
  • Petu ‘Peksu’ Vaatainen

It will not just be a single member of OG coaching this squad, but rather the collective force of the back-to-back TI winners all coming together in the way only OG can. We are all excited to see just what they can bring to this lineup and if they can push them into the next Major through qualifiers. We will be watching the qualifiers very closely and will have at least a hint of OG appearing in some form through OG Seed.

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