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A few days ago, OG’s offlaner Sebastian ‘Ceb’ Debs got a bit agitated in pubs, like we all do from time to time, and went on to say some things about Russians that weren’t the most pleasant. Virtus Pro’s captain, Alexey ‘Solo’ Berezin came out in defence of the Russian community and it turned into a big issue which was covered in detail by VPEsports. Even though Ceb apologized, Solo refused to play in the Epicenter Major until Valve did something to address the issue, which they eventually did.

Today, OG came out with a decision regarding Ceb to ensure to their supporters and the Dota 2 community that the organization does not tolerate discrimination of any sorts. The decision they came up with was this:

Seb (Sebastian or Ceb) will give up all the gains he might earn at the Epicenter Major to a charity of his choice that will be made public. In addition to that, we fined him the equivalent of his monthly salary. He also guarantees that such situation shall never occur again on pain of a stronger punishment.

The full statement can be read here. The announcement also revealed that OG are actively working with Virtus Pro to propose something to better the Dota 2 environment and are also trying to organize a show match involving both the teams at Epicenter.

It is a step in the right taken by OG to try and eliminate racism and any sort of discrimination that occurs in pub games. Here’s to hoping that in the next few years, the entire Dota 2 community will grow together as one large family.

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