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OG survived their first elimination battle against 5men in OGA Dota PIT Season 3: EU/CIS as the TI9 champions won the series 2-1 with their typical, unorthodox drafts. OG won the first game in 33 minutes, lost the second game in 33 minutes, and won the decider in 27 minutes. 5men become the second team to be eliminated from the tournament after season 2 winner Nigma were eliminated by VP.Prodigy earlier in the day.

OG continued with their trend of non-conventional mid heroes for N0tail with an Abaddon pick in game 1. Things went according to plan and OG won the game quite comfortably, with MidOne’s Faceless Void being the center of OG’s 4-protect-1 draft.

In game 2, N0tail tried to pull off a w33haa or Topson by trying his hand at a mid Earthspirit, but that did not seem work too well. Chessie’s Void Spirit won the mid lane and wreaked havoc in the game. OG also went for a position 4 Mars for Saksa, and they realized pretty quickly that the hero is not meant to be a top tier support.

In game 3, OG went back to the mid Oracle, which had done quite well against Alliance, and the pick had the same effect in game 3 against 5 men. N0tail drew first blood against Chessie’s Void Spirit, who went from 14/022 in game 2 to 0/7/1 in game 3 on the purple Spirit. MidOne’s Monkey King had an unhindered game and OG closed out the series a little under the half hour mark.

OG take on Na’Vi in their second lower bracket game tomorrow. In case they win that, the next one aginast the winners of Team Liquid and VP.Prodigy will be played on the same day. With two successful mid Oracle games, it is a pick opponents need to be wary of. The benefit of it is that it can also be used as a support to bait the enemy. Besides the lower bracket games, the upper bracket final featuring Team Secret and Alliance will also be played tomorrow, with the grand finals taking place on Saturday.

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