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Oceanic Esports announces Oceanic Championships, a special event for players from Australia and New Zealand, with $15,000 on the line.

The Captain’s Draft twist of Oceanic Dota League consists of selected coaches who will choose the players from an existing pool of Australian and New Zealand players “in hopes to grow the scene as a whole,” explained Justin “xMusiCa” Yuen, Australian Dota 2 veteran and co-founder of Oceanic Esports.

Oceanic Championships kick off tomorrow, April 13 with a regular season that will last until May 30. The main event is set for June 1-6.

“I am glad to now be able to give my fellow Australian competitors a chance to begin their very own Esports conquest,” said xMusiCa in the official announcement. ”Oceanic Esports strive to bring you some comfort and entertain through the means of Esports, and also to provide jobs for a few of the many that are currently without it. I believe that the region Oceania has limitless potential, and is only hindered by the lack of chances that are given to us. We hope our efforts here will bring about a new era of talent and competitiveness for Esports within Oceania and that it will bring much more opportunities for our athletes to compete against the best of the best across the globes,” he added in his statement.

Full schedule, broadcast team and streams can be found on the Oceanic Esports website, here.

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