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After the paiN Gaming main squad got eliminated yesterday in the best-of-one first round of the lower bracket of Kuala Lumpur Major, today paiN X were also sent packing.

paiN X took down Tigers yesterday to live another day in the Major, but in today’s playoffs series they looked completely unprepared for Vici Gaming. To start things off, paiN X had a line-up with good potential of controlling the laning stage, but with little value in the mid or late stages. On top of that, they were pretty reliant on the global Silence and the Batrider Blink- Flaming Lasso. Vici Gaming, on the other hand, had beefy cores and multiple team fight set-ups with Magnus, Troll Warlord, Bane and Phoenix. The Chinese had a little bit of trouble during the first few minutes of the game, but once all their ultimates became available, they simply rolled over the NA-SA mix of paiN X.

VG were even more dominant in the second game of the series after they instantly reacted with a Morphling pick to paiN X’s Terrorblade and once again they made sure to have superior lockdowns. In all fairness, it was too hard for paiN X to match the Chinese draft given the fact that they only had Underlord to provide a minimum amount of control. paiN X lost all their lanes and had no tools to even hope for a miraculous comeback. Their overall performance was underwhelming in all aspects, making VG’s survival mission a walk in the park.

While no paiN Gaming teams are left standing at the first Major of the season, Vici Gaming will resume their lower bracket adventure tomorrow, November 14 at 10:00 a.m MYT, when they will play against TNC Predator.


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