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Published in two parts on the Natus Vincere official website, the five members of the Dota 2 team gave their first thoughts on of what could possibly become the most used Aghanim’s Scepters from the 22 newly added in the 7.22 patch.

While Vladislav “Crystallize” Krystanek and Idan “MagicaL” Vardanian focused on the core heroes for obvious reasons, Evgeniy “Blizzy” Ree, Bakyt “Zayac” Emilzhanov and the team captain, Akbar “SoNNeikO” Butaev looked at the utility/support heroes with new Aghs.


Dragon Knight rated an 8-9/10

“It’s a very cool Aghanim’s, purchased as the 4th item. If the game has a lot of heroes with magical damage, then even faster.”

Templar Assassin rated 10/10

“The hero needs to get a few items before Aghs, but the effect itself is cool. Buy it 3rd or 4th item.”

Ember Spirit rated 10 out of 10

“It’s an incredibly good upgrade, we will see it built often, perhaps start building it after a few basic damage items, perhaps in the third slot. “

Death Prophet rated 10 /10

“One of the coolest Scepters. It can be purchased among the first items, if not the very first.”  

Arc Warden

“It’s difficult to say something about this one. I rarely play this hero lately, but I doubt that Aghanim’s will become a priority for Arc Warden.”

Broodmother rated 8/10

“You should consider the Scepter for this hero only if you itemize and play around the spiderlings. If so, it should be purchased after Helm of the Dominator and/or Pipe. If you go for a physical damage build, then there are other more important items.”


Terrorblade rated 2/10

“You usually use Metamorphosis at the start of the fight, so it’s maximum one hero that could possibly get feared.”

Morphling rated 5/10

“There are only a few hero combos to make the Scepter buff useful.”

Monkey King

“I don’t see the point in building the Aghs for this one.”

Lycan rated – 0/10

“You get 2 creeps for 4200 gold, lol”



“The Aghs buff is cool but I’m not sure in what slot it should be purchased, I need to test it more.”


“The upgrade looks strong, especially if you fight somewhere in the woods, but I also have to test it more. It’s probably worth buying it as the 3rd-4th item.”


“The Aghs for this hero looks imbalanced, it gives a lot of damage. You can buy it 3rd or 4th item.”


“Beastmaster Aghs looks strong, but I’m not sure if he actually needs it.”


“I didn’t see yet how the Scepter works on this one, but the description looks horror. It’s perhaps good to buy it in the seventh slot.”


Io rated -1/10

“Io has some strange Scepter upgrade. I don’t see the point of building it. You often need survival and regeneration items on this hero.”

Grimstroke rated 7/10

“You should go for it as your second or third item, after Aether Lens, but only if you play against certain carries.”

Dark Willow rated 5/10

“The item is good only if you can have it extremely fast. However, it has already been nerfed, so, it’s only a 5/10. “

Elder Titan rated 4/10

“If you are over farmed on ET, then yes you can buy a Scepter as well, but otherwise there are other items more useful for this hero.”

Abaddon rated 8/10

“The Scepter upgrade for Abaddon is very cool, also with the Mist Coil talent. The only question is how to farm since this is a position 5 hero and it has no spells to farm faster. “


Io rated 3/10 for supports, 10/10 for a core Io

“If you buy this item quickly, then with the level 15 talent you can kill anyone on the map.”

Grimstroke rated 10/10

“It depends on the enemy heroes and their farm. If the enemy have an Agility hero which has a good game, I would try to buy my Aghs second or third item.”

Dark Willow rated 8/10

“After the nerf, the Aghs should be purchased in the 3rd-4th slot on the support position and second item for a core Willow.”

Elder Titan rated 10/10

“It should be purchased on the 3rd-4th slot, but it depends against what kind of line-up you play. If there are a lot of instant spells on the enemy side, then it’s better to skip it. “

Abaddon rated 7/10

“It can be bought as a third item, after something like Drums of Endurance.”

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