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Business Associates opened their BTS Pro Series campaign with a clinical victory over Cloud9.

Cloud9’s return to the Dota 2 field is far from a smooth experience. Their comeback was made at the end of January this year when the organization chose to start in Southeast Asia. After the first Major qualifier attempt they switched the roster and moved to NA, however, the change is yet to yield results.

BTS Pro Series Americas is the first chance for C9 since Summit 12 to make a mark in the region, but in the opening series from last night they got dismantled by Business Associates. Game one featured well-established heroes in the current meta for C9, who took an early lead courtesy of good sustain in the laning stage. On the other side of the map, BA planned their draft to compliment a carry Wraith King picked last for David “Moo” Hull. He went unchecked for the first 15 minutes of the game, which translated into a fast Radiance completed and powerful team fight from BA, who were taking advantage of the Bloodlust and Alacrity buffs for Moo to close the game untouched.

C9 tried to outpace Business Associates in game two with an offlane Nature’s Prophet, a carry Void Spirit, a mid Alchemist and a support Death Prophet. But, in what could have possibly been too greedy for them, the game went from bad to worse after the Alchemist died four times in the mid lane in the first 10 minutes. Much like in game one, Moo had free farm top lane, but this time around as Faceless Void, on which he managed to get a 24 minute Satanic on top of Battle Fury and Manta. His spotless performance closed once again without a death getting him to an overall 31/0/18 K/D/A through the entire series, opening the tournament with a boost of confidence for Business Associates.

Day two at BTS Pro Series Americas will bring an NA vs SA match up as Evil Geniuses are pitted against Thunder Predator at 13:00 PDT/22:00 CET. The second series of the day is scheduled for 16:00 PDT/01:00 CET and will bring another chance for Cloud9 to score a victory. Their adversaries will be CR4ZY.

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