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The post TI8 shuffle looks like it will bring a full restructure for the North American team compLexity Gaming, who are now down to two players.

Adam Shah “Adam” bin Akhtar Hussein, followed by David “Moo” Hull’s and now David “MoonMeander” Tan announced their official departure from coL.



CompLexity Gaming current line-up

 – Zakari “ZfreeK” Freedman
 – Linus “Limmp” Blomdin


MoonMeander joined compLexity Gaming at the end of May 2018, at the same time with Adam, trying to get the team through the open and closed regional qualifiers hustle for The International 2018. At the end of two days of matches in the Round Robin group stage, coL went to a tiebreaker with VGJ.Storm and OpTic Gaming for the first place in the group. Winning that tiebreaker would have granted them the tickets for TI8, but it was VGJ.Storm who emerged victorious while coL had to go to the qualifiers playoffs. Unfortunately for them, the playoffs stage went pretty bad. CompLexity lost the first series 0-2 to Evil Geniuses, then they lost with the same score to OpTic Gaming, results which pushed them in the spectator’s seat.

With Adam, Moo and now MoonMeander also gone, coL have about two weeks to figure out their new roster for the 2018-2019 Dota Pro Circuit Season. The official deadline for teams to register their final roster is 15th of September, with the qualifiers for the first Major of the season starting two days later, on the 17th.


2018 – 2019 DPC Schedule:

  • Sep 17-Sep 21: Major Qualifier
  • Sep 23-Sep 26: Minor Qualifiers
  • Oct 29-Nov 4: Minor Main Event
  • Nov 8-Nov 19: Major Main Event


  • Nov 26-Nov 30: Major Qualifiers
  • Dec 1-Dec 4: Minor Qualifiers
  • Jan 7-Jan 13: Minor Main Event
  • Jan 17-Jan 27: Major Main Event


  • Feb 1-Feb 5: Major Qualifier
  • Feb 7-Feb 10: Minor Qualifier
  • Mar 4-Mar 10: Minor Main Event
  • Mar 14-Mar 24: Major Main Event


  • May 15-May 19: Major Qualifier
  • May 21-May 24: Minor Qualifiers
  • June 10-June 16: Minor Main Event
  • June 20-June 30: Major Main Event


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