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It was the penultimate day of The Chongqing Major and today 3 teams would be eliminated, leaving only 3 to fight for the first Major of 2019. Opening the day would be Evil Geniuses and EHOME and after the fireworks of EG’s series yesterday, this one was sure to be even more hyped.

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The first game of the series was extremely intense as EHOME drafted a magic damage heavy lineup against EG’s Terrorblade and Outworld Devourer. While this seemed like a terrible idea, EHOME held their own again their opponents for a while but as the game progressed, EG begun to come out on top. Once EG looked to the highground it was over as Sumail ‘SumaiL’ Hassan ripped through EHOME with the OD.

Backs against the wall, elimination looming, EHOME decided to try take a page out of EG’s book with the OD pick. On the other side, EG drafted a barely-seen Death Prophet and it seemed to be a perfect pick for them. While the early period seemed to be all EHOME, EG showed why they were the kings of the Lower Bracket and one of the best teams after all this time.

Artour ‘Arteezy’ Babaev’s Terrorblade destroyed everything in its path and with the full power of EG behind him, there was no stopping the squad. For EHOME, they put up an amazing fight and should be proud after winning the Minor and ending top 6 at their first Major – but they would go no further. The young Chinese team claim 900 DPC points, $60,000 as well as a huge amount of experience to move forward with.  Evil Geniuses would move on to fight again later today – their opponent to be decided next as Fnatic take on PSG.LGD.

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