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Mineski Dota 2 announced on their Weibo channel that they are actively looking for a new Dota 2 roster. In the post, they also thanked their TI9 squad of Nikobaby, Moon, Kpii, Bimbo and ninjaboogie for their exploits at TI9. This is what the post on Weibo reads:

Hey guys, we are back.
As of now, all players of our TI9 roster have left the team. Thank you to Nikobaby, Moon, Kpii,Bimbo,Ninjaboogie for the contribution to the team. Meanwhile, we are looking for players to form our new roster for this season. There are already candidates who are on trial. We hope we can achieve good results this season. We will be back!
Finally, thanks to
 @游戏沙龙S36 for support of the club.

Mineski’s statement on Weibo

Mineski had a below average 2018-2019 season, but managed to qualify for TI9 with their last minute roster changes. With not a lot expected from the Filipino team in Shanghai, Mineski played their hearts out and gave Team Secret the fight of their lives in a 1-2 loss. Even with a 9th-12th place finish, the team won a lot of hearts. Many Mineski fans might have hoped the five who played in Shanghai would stick with Mineski, but it seems the organization had other plans.

There is no word on the street about who will be playing in the Mineski colours next season. The post says ‘there are candidates who are on trial’, so for all we know, there may be a few names that have already been finalized by the organization. With the qualifiers for the first Major of the season just on the horizon, we should get a clearer picture about Mineski’s new roster in the days to come.

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