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SirActionSlacks is the NA Dota 2 LANs saviour. He is fully embracing the tournament organizer job by making a tremendous effort to solo run the third edition of Midas Mode and to make it a LAN for the North American Dota 2 fans.

On the eve of June 11, SirActionSlacks streamed one of his Midas Mode blog updates and it was the one to unveil the first important details about the tournament. He let the fans know that he finally secured a title sponsor, that he found a venue and that the dates for the tournament are set in stone.

A title sponsor is the one who is featured in tournament name, it is the company that puts the largest part of the money in organizing the event, but the name of Midas Mode 3.0 title sponsor is to be revealed in the next blog update. Until then, Slacks brought the following news.

Midas Mode 3.0 Dates: September 21-29

Location: Denver, Colorado

Venue: N3rd Street Gamer’s LocalHost Arena

Original dates for the tournament were sometime in early July, but as he explained on his stream last night, SirActionSlacks decided to move the tournament after TI9 to increase the chance of teams actually keeping their promise of participating in his event.

“The International is all that matters and if a team promises you they will go to an event, but then decide they want more practice before TI, they will drop your tournament. They will break a $50,000 contract, they don’ t give a s**t. A team is only motivated by going to The International so, you can’t do anything because if they break all these contracts and they go TI and win it, they will have more money than they ever care about,” Slaks explained

Moving to the arena choice topic, he gave a few reasons for why he decided to go with N3rd Street Gamer’s LocalHost. The venue in Denver, Colorado is a hybrid half net café, half esports events arena that “offers everything a standard arena has, including large screens, a custom stage, up to 900 persons sitting,” he said. With his Midas Mode 3.0, Slaks wants to focus on the fans coming to the event.

With that in mind, Slacks announced that the teams competing in the event will play remotely and all the money he would have spent on the teams’ travel to the event, will go into creating something unique for the fans onsite.

“Instead of spending about $250,000 on players’ flight tickets, hotel rooms, food, etc, teams will play remotely and we will put that money into the fans coming to the arena,” Slacks said and in his brief presentation card showed on stream it could be read: “We will focus all our attention on the audience members rather than the pro players at the event, having the pros staying at home and play remotely while we cater to the live audience in Colorado. Even without the pros at the arena, the audience will be able to interact with them in fun and engaging ways such as our “remote signing sessions”, and “robotic avatar interviews. Featuring food, fun, and plenty of things to do, we believe the intimate LAN center/esports arena is the perfect venue for Midas Mode.”

Slacks briefly talked about the VIP tickets for Midas Mode 3.0 and although he come with more details in future blog streams, for now he said that the after party will be a big LAN party where he will order a ton of pizzas and will use the LAN café in the arena for everyone to play games all night long.

So, if you are a NA Dota 2 fan, starving for LANs in your country, keep September 21-29 free in your calendar and follow SirActionSlacks on his channel. More info about Midas Mode 3.0 will come in his next stream blogs.

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