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photo by: NiP

Group A and B had some fantastic action today at DreamLeague Season 11 as the tournament kicked off its group stage.

Group A did not see any surprises today with Team Liquid and Team Secret crushing their opponents and taking quick 2-0 series. However, Keen Gaming did have some promising plays against Secret, finding great openings in both games but unfortunately being unable to make anything off this. With an ingenious support Puck from Yazied ‘YapzOr’ Jaradat as well as breathtaking performances from Ludwig ‘zai’ Wahlberg, Secret closed out their first victory of the Major.

In the same group we had Liquid taking on J.Storm and, of course, no surprises there either. Liquid showed just how strong they are when at full-force, even when J.Storm showed brief moments of superb play, there was nothing they could do to quelle the ex-TI champions.

The 2-0 victory from both teams leads them to their next matchup, the highly anticipated series between Liquid and Secret which will takes place tomorrow along with KG and J.Storm going head-to-head.

Group B had an amazing first series with Fnatic taking on Ninjas in Pyjamas. The first game of the series was an epic back-and-forth brawl which saw both teams acquiring mega creeps and fighting for over an hour before a victor was found.

While Fnatic did find the win there, they could not find another and NiP walked away with a 2-1 victory. However, one take away from the series for Fnatic is that they almost definitely have the best Pangolier player on their squad.

The final series of group B for the day would see Infamous attempt to take down PSG.LGD. It was always going to be a massive undertaking for the South Americans to go up against LGD, even though the Chinese squad were without Lu ‘Maybe’ Yao. But it was an easy 2-0 victory for the TI runner’s up who will now face NiP tomorrow for another epic clash.

That concludes day one at the DreamLeague Season 11 Major and tomorrow we will have more group stage action to look forward to – especially Secret versus Liquid.

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