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PSG.LGD Gaming announced signing Lu “Somnus/Maybe” Yao for two more years, reassuring their fans that their mid lane star will be playing for the organization until 2020 at least.

LGD was Maybe’s first big team and since he joined them, back in February 2014, he never left the organization. Despite making his appearance on the professional scene only in 2014, Maybe is actually one of those players who dedicated their time to this game since DotaA days. However, he didn’t commit to a career in esports until he finished his studies.


He discovered Dota via his cousin, who introduced him to DotA while he was in the elementary school. As he himself admits, back then, Maybe was fascinated by Counter-Strike, but once he played his first DotA game he got hooked for good. A few years later, when he was in the middle school, he formed a semi-pro team with his cousin and started to practice against other teams. It was at that point when “things got out of control” Maybe admits in his player profile made by Valve at The International 2016.



LGD discovered Maybe in 2013 when he participated in China’s most famous in-house league, Chinese Dota Elite Community (CDEC). At first, his parents were rather reluctant at the idea of him embracing a professional career, so Maybe had to wait one more year before joining the pro scene. He had big shoes to fill in when he joined LGD, as he was replacing the legendary Chinese captain Zhang “xiao8” Ning. It didn’t go all smooth from the beginning. Just two months after signing him, LGD moved Maybe to their varsity team LGD.CDEC where he trained for about six months.


After the 2015 DAC, Maybe was transferred back at LGD and went on placing third at The International 2015. Following the good result in Seattle, the organization was quick to land a four years contract with the Chinese mid lane prodigy, which meant he was locked in with them until 2019. TI6 results were underwhelming and LGD made drastic roster changes, trying to build a team around Maybe. Their commitment to the young mid laner paid off as LGD finished fourth last year at TI, after losing the lower bracket semifinals to their sister team LGD Forever Young.


This year, LGD signed a partnership contract with one of the biggest European Football Clubs, Paris Saint-Germain and are now regarded as one of the main favorites to claim The International 2018 Aegis of the Champions trophy. With less than a week before the TI8 action starts in Vancouver, PSG.LGD are renewing their contract with Maybe who will be their centerpiece until 2020.


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