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It has only been a few days since Mars has been released into the Captains Mode draft of Dota 2 and we’re already getting the treat of the pros picking up the hero at ESL One Birmingham 2019 as both Vici Gaming and Forward Gaming bring him into the pro scene for the first time.

One Mars dominates

On the one side, VG went into the game with a Templar Assassin, IO and Gyrocopter all behind the Mars which proved to be absolutely perfect. It was Zhou ‘Yang’ Haiyang who grabbed the hero and went from a Soul Ring into Phase Boots, Vladimir’s Offering and Blink Dagger – all in a 15-minute period. With no real contest, Mars had claimed his first victory in the pro scene of Dota 2.

image: Dotabuff

Another Mars fades

On the other hand, FWD did not see the same backup for the hero with a Death Prophet trying out an Aghanim’s Scepter build, which really did not feature much, and nothing else really to assist beyond an Oracle. While the build utilized by Jingjun ‘Sneyking’ Wu was similar to that of Yang, it left out the Vlad’s and was much slower to farm as well. Unfortunately for Mars, this would see him to his first loss on the pro scene with a rather poor performance.

image: Dotabuff

With a 50% winrate this early in the tournament, we will have to check back on Mars as ESL One Birmingham progresses to see if teams try different strategies with the hero or if he will start to be the recipient of some focused bans depending on the team.

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