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In spite of having a great early game, Vici Gaming lost a 12,000 networth lead and Team Spirit never backed down. This is the game analysis of a high right click damage combination by Team Spirit which was able to dominate highly farmed Huskar and Gyrocopter. Match ID: 5114536986.

Game 2: Picks and Bans

Vici Gaming decided to for a ganking draft with a good laning phase advantage whereas Team Spirit went for a huge team fight draft with a strong AOE and anti-BKB disable. Team Spirit was smart while banning two major anti-team fight heroes – Faceless Void and Centaur Warrunner. Faceless Void had the ability to disable several heroes inside his chronosphere and Centaur had the ability to give extra mobility which would have helped in re-positioning quickly during any team fight.

Draft Advantage in detail

Team Spirit had a good advantage in Pushing, Defending, Durability and Mobility whereas Vici Gaming had an advantage in Healing, Split Pushing, Nuke Damage and Counter Picking. The reason why Vici Gaming couldn’t turn their early game lead into a successful tower pushing and objective gaming was because they didn’t have strong pushing heroes.

Draft advantage neutral at 50%

Reasons for the defeat:

Live Advantage at 23rd Minute

Vici Gaming had good team fight damage but it wasn’t sufficient in any team fights when they faced huge right click damage by Chaos Knight and Tiny. Even though Team Spirit lost the early game, they were not scared to take any team fight and didn’t allow Vici Gaming to easily push towers. The aggressive game-play by Team Spirit forced Vici Gaming to avoid their Split Pushing strategy. Vici Gaming had the aegis in the first major team fight but they were not allowed to grab a second aegis later on in the game. If Vici Gaming had the aegis the second time then they would have been more successful in securing some objectives.

There were not major game-play errors or item purchase mistakes in this game and Vici Gaming had Assault Cuirass on Huskar to prevent some of the right click damage. Pipe on Legion Commander was a necessary item but if the game had provided more time then she might have purchased Crimson Guard which blocks 60 damage for 12 seconds from each incoming attack. Crimson Guard is one of the top items to counter illusions producing heroes such as Chaos Knight, Naga Siren, and Phantom Lancer because it blocks the damage from all attacking entities and helps not just the hero who equipped Crimson Guard but all his teammates.

The most efficient option to counter this combo was to pick Winter Wyvern instead of Shadow Demon. Most of teams under-estimate Winter Wyvern but it’s a pick that destroys right click damage drafts. It’s ultimate forces the enemy to hit their own teammate and Cold Embrace ability not prevents all right click damage but also heals in the meantime. If not Winter Wyvern than Kunkka, it’s ultimate can surely disable many Chaos Knight illusions and it would help in delaying 50% incoming damage for 10 seconds which is very crucial during a team fight.

Vici Gaming didn’t make any bad strategical decisions during the game but securing the aegis during second Roshan would have helped them dominate the map for a while longer. More than Vici Gaming’s errors it was the aggressive game-play of Team Spirit that allowed them to win the game.

40 seconds video clip of a major team fight between Vici Gaming and Team Spirit
Huge amount of damage done by Chaos Knight and Tiny during that team fight
The 12,000 Networth Swing
End game statistics

A tip for young players:

Never underestimate your opponent’s aggressive movement, especially when they have nothing to lose. Team Spirit knew they were the underdogs against Vici Gaming so they were going to play their hearts out. When you face such opponents, objective gaming is the key to victory and it’s better to wait and reorganise a Roshan kill rather than hurrying up to finish the kill even if the enemy is not that close to stop you. Vici Gaming had the lead, they went for a Roshan kill, most of the heroes of Team Spirit were little far away but Pangolier carelessly used his ultimate and single-handedly bought the time for his teammates to reach the Roshan pit and prevent Huskar from getting aegis. Vici Gaming didn’t expect such a careless movement to cause such trouble and from that point, they lost their control on the map.

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