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We sat down for a chat with Danylo “Kingrd” Nascimento on the first day of the DreamLeague Major main event and although Chaos and the South American scene is left with no team for the main event, Kingrd gave us all the reasons to stay positive and hope for greater things.

We spoke about how the SA scene evolved since TI8, how he changed and what he learned since Chaos entered his life. He also told us who would he like to watch in the grand finals at the Stockholm Major.


Hello, nice to see you again at a Major. While I was waiting for you I noticed what’s written on the back of this hotel’s key cards: “Come as Chaos, leave as family.” Did you see it?

Yeah, it was actually funny because when we checked in we thought that every team has a key card with a message related to their name. Then we realized is just a coincidence, a random message that fits our organization’s name.

Then let me ask you if this Major had an impact on your roster. Do you leave from Stockholm stronger as a family or things might change in the next few days?

We definitely leave as a family. We feel like since we joined the Chaos organization things went in the right direction with every tournament. The results didn’t change from the previous Major to this one, but we feel the improvements, we know what’s to be learned from our games here, and we’ve talked a lot about what happened, why it happened and what has to be done, in the game, in the draft and in our playstyle. We need to practice that and execute those things. When we were with paiN we used to have no discussion post matches, especially if we would lose.

Things changed drastically since we joined Chaos. We have a coach now, we talk a lot with him and we work together in preparing the games and in the post-match analysis process and for the first time I feel that we improve. I understand in detail why we lost, where we lost, how and what should be done to avoid the situation keep repeating itself. So, yeah I can tell you with confidence that we leave from Stockholm stronger.

Can you walk me through the role swap decision, you’re now position 5 and Misery is 4, why did you guys make this change?

We decided to make this change after the Chongqing Major, however, this is the first tournament, the first LAN where we really got to test it. The best thing about this swap is that I can communicate with hFn better, have a better lane control with him, while Misery and Tavo can communicate easier with each other and coordinate with w33 as well.

So basically, it’s a communication thing you want to improve by swapping the roles.

Yeah, and our lanes improved since we did this. So, It’s a good thing that we recognized and fixed one problem. We do work on improving our English, but until we all feel comfortable to speak only English, having the option to communicate something fast in Portuguese with your carry is helping a lot. It also goes the other way around. hFn feels safer when he knows that he can just shout something at me in Portuguese. Sometimes these little things, one call, one word said at the right time can save you the game.  

It’s also extremely exciting for me. It’s the first time I play position 5 and I’m learning new things about Dota, to be honest.

Everyone here was impressed with that Omniknight offlane. Was that something practiced ahead and if you would have gone further in the tournament, would we have seen more surprise picks from you guys?

That was something we actually found as a solution during our scrims here. It was one of those things I told you earlier, about how we now talk after our games, and how we work on finding solutions. So, a day before our game with Liquid we’ve sat and talked a lot and Tavo and w33 kept saying that they really think this hero is good in some matchups. We didn’t see any teams in this tournament picking it so we decided to practice it on the day before the game with Liquid. It felt good to win with it, and to answer your question, yes we had some things prepared, of course, it’s a pity we didn’t show them, but we will push hard for the MDL Major qualifiers. What I feel like we need right now is to find or to decide what playstyle we want to adopt and how we can make it work in the meta. The Omniknight discovery at this event made us, for example, realize that we have players really good on some certain heroes, like signature heroes, you know, and now we have to think on how we can integrate those heroes in strategies, if and how would they fit the meta.

We were watching how Secret and VP are always coming with a new hero, they are always capable to surprise, so that means that they are not afraid to try new things, to bring back a hero which probably nobody plays it in a meta. We need to learn not to be afraid too.

We are less than a week away from the next wave of Major/Minors qualifiers. From what we saw with each round of qualifiers, there is always a news SA team delivering a surprise. Do you feel like your scene is about ready to have more than the same 1-2 teams always taking the Major slots? Right now Chaos and Infamous are the biggest contenders there, but we saw the Demolition Boys (former Playmakers) making real progress, there is SG-esports as one of the bigger organizations, Thunder Awaken were at the previous Major, so from the outside it looks like the SA scene is growing.

Yeah, I feel the same. I think South America is very active right now. There are more players now who want to progress, who fight, who put a lot more effort into training and in committing to a professional career. There are more and more teams like you said, who start to show up. And I can tell you that these teams do really want to go to a Major, to a Minor, and they learn so fast. It becomes scary.

For example, we are here, in Sweden, the qualifiers are the next week and while we scrim with the teams here, we don’t know what the guys in our scene are doing back home because we can’t really scrim from Europe to SA, you know. And yeah, the scene is becoming competitive and everyone in SA is watching Chaos and Infamous because we are the teams to beat in the qualifiers.

I wish you the best of luck in the next qualifiers and I hope the next time we meet to be in Paris, at Disneyland. To wrap up this interview, give me your prediction of who do you think will reach the grand finals here at the DreamLeague Major.

Yeah let’s do that, let’s meet at Disneyland, you have no clue how much I want to go there. About this Major though, to be honest it’s a very strange one. At the previous Major, held in China, there were only Western teams in the top four. We are now at  Major in Europe with three Chinese teams in the upper bracket and all the top teams are in the lower. It’s a bit strange, but I hope for a Vici Gaming versus grand finals. It doesn’t matter to me who wins the event, I just want to see this grand final because I think these two teams are in a great form right now and each has their unique playstyle and vision on the meta. It will be such a good grand final with these two.


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